Parasitic Trotskyites of the SWP

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Adolf Hitler, in his book ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle) displays a fervent anti-Communist rhetoric and states that in his opinion, ‘lying’ is a legitimate political policy to be used in the attainment of political aims.  Leon Trotsky, the bourgeois Menshevik who betrayed the Communist Revolution in Russia – would readily agree with Hitler.  The irony is that the so-called Trotskyite ‘left’ rejects the dialectical and historical development of Marxist-Leninism (it has to do this because Trotsky was exiled from the Soviet Union in 1929 for his opposition to it) and instead attempts a ‘ahistorical’ turning back of the clock, and claims that by rejecting ‘Leninism’, and embracing Marx in his original form, it can create a ‘new’ type of politics referred to as ‘Marxist-Trotskyism’ – an absurdity that is as illogical as it is ‘un-Marxist’.  Whereas Marxist-Leninism has brought working class freedom to numerous countries around the world (because it is dialectically and historically correct), by comparison, ‘Marxist-Trotskyism’ is a fallacy that has not led to one single revolution of the working class in any country.  This is because the Trotskyite movement represents only the bourgeois-left, and has no real connection with the working class it claims to represent.  Its supposed ‘Socialism’ is nothing but bourgeois liberalism deceptively presented as ‘working class’ emancipatory ideology.  A demonstration of this inherent ‘lying’ that permeates Trotskyism can be seen in the behaviour of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) that hijacks all the concerns, movements, and progressive projects of the Marxist-Leninists.  This parasitic behaviour is based upon ‘Marxist-Trotskyism’ mimicking the dialectical and historical trends of Marxist-Leninism, and deceiving the general public into falsely believing that all that happens on the left is the product of SWP initiatives.  This opportunism (or ‘entryism’) by the SWP is expressed by the fact that during every major march, demonstration or gathering, the SWP sets-up its Trotskyite propaganda stalls around public transport exists, and uses this as a ‘first contact’ with unsuspecting and non-Trotskyite protesters as they arrive and gather.  One tactic is to ask all arrivals to sign a petition about the cause at hand, when in fact such a ‘signed’ document is implying ‘support’ for the Trotskyite SWP  without the signer’s prior knowledge or agreement.  This is part of the SWP’s tactic of hiding its true Trotskyite allegiance, implying instead that it represents a ‘broad’ leftist consensus, despite the fact that in reality it rejects the Marxist-Leninist foundation of that broad leftist movement.  The SWP augments this policy of deception by handing out placards with slogans tailored to the broad leftist cause at hand – with the words ‘Socialist Workers Party’ printed above and below.  Unsuspecting (but otherwise genuine) protesters readily accept these placards and carrying them for miles on marches – thinking that they are protesting about a cause important to them, whilst not realising that they are providing ‘free’ advertising for the duplicitous Socialist Workers Party.  This dishonesty is cemented by the fact that the SWP does not attract any real grass-roots support amongst the working class, and has to ‘lie’ to the people to encourage them to carry SWP placards.  In many cases, after the SWP placards have been given-out to unsuspecting members of the public, the small number of SWP activists leave the area and do not participate in the protest that they have encouraged.  This is believed to be a cowardly insurance policy against any members of the SWP being arrested if the police take a hard line. A particularly odious policy of the SWP is its pretentious ‘anti-racism’.  Leon Trotsky was a notorious racist, and it is only the Marxist-Leninist movement that truly opposes racism.  As the SWP lacks support throughout the international working class, it must ‘manufacture’ an apparent support. In doing this, the SWP is continuing the bourgeois oppression and exploitation of the working class, and needs to be ideologically exposed for the bourgeois sham that it is.  In the meantime, comrades should be aware of the strategy and tactics of the SWP and withdraw any and all coerced support.








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