BBC Distortion of EU Referendum in UK (2016)

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The BBC has swung violently to the right since the Tory and LibDem Coalition came to power in 2010, and has remained solidly rightwing ever since.  The BBC manipulating the news is nothing new. During the Miner’s Strike in the 1980’s, it was found guilty of ‘reversing’ the film of a police line attacking peaceful miners – so that it seemed that miners were attacking the police, and then again in 1989, BBC correspondents ‘lied’ in China, falsely reporting a non-existent ‘massacre’ in Tiananmen Square.  There are endless other examples, but the biased BBC very much set the false tone during the recent EU Referendum in the UK.  The BBC has a policy of ‘excluding’ the true political leftwing from all broadcast political debates.  Instead, the ever-more bourgeois Labour Party is rolled-out as a mouthpiece for the left – simply because all it does is offer alternative bourgeois versions of unpopular rightist policies already being inflicted upon the people.  The Labour Party is not ‘leftwing’ despite its history of occasionally ‘flirting’ with progression.  As a result of this manipulation, the BBC concocted the false paradigm and narrative that limited the EU Referendum to that of ‘non-racists’ (stay in the EU) Vs ‘racists’ (leave the EU).  This is completely wrong and the BBC knew it to be wrong.  By excluding the Communist (Marxist-Leninist) and (non-Trotskyite) Socialist left from all political debate, the ‘progressive left’ campaign was ignored by the mainstream media.  The progressive left campaign was legal and economic in nature, and exposed all the EU policies as being in the service of predatory capitalism, and institutionally opposed to Socialism.  The progressive left revealed the EU’s racist policies of forcing migratory workers to fight one another for zero-hours contracts as enemies and not as friends, and how EU legislation compels all EU member countries to de-nationalise all industries and essential services, dismantle all social housing, socialised medicine and abolish all welfare provision.  In-short, the EU is nothing more than a vicious capitalist enterprise designed to attack the working class.  The BBC ignored all this reasoned argument, and instead continued to label ALL opposition to the EU to be ‘racist’.  This is because the BBC is a middle class entity that does not care about the working class that pay its licence fee. The BBC would far rather host endless and pointless interviews with the unelected racist Nigel Farage – than allow any access to truly leftist representatives.  This is hardly surprising, as fascism is merely capitalism in decay, and Farage’s racist UKIP movement simply represents an extreme version of already existing conservative viewpoints prevalent among staff at the BBC.  The progressive left has always acknowledged that genuine migrants are good for the UK, and has always opposed racism – this is why it opposed the EU.

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