China: The Racist Advert That Never Was


Author’s Note: I have translated and paraphrased this comprehensive article from the Mainland Chinese media discussing the Western media’s rabid trumpeting of the allegation of ‘Chinese racism’ following a Chinese advert explained below.  I have been compelled to seek-out this article due to the sheer scope of gleeful racism aimed at the Chinese people from the West, with white and black people enthusiastically ‘sharing’ and making all kinds of uninformed, uneducated and ignorant statements about China.  I expect nothing less from white racists (as they are everywhere), but black people should get their act together and unite with the Chinese people to fight ‘white’ racism, and not assist the same ‘white’ racism that they have suffered under as a people for centuries.  ACW 31.5.2016

China has suffered at the hands of Western, imperialist powers for centuries, and the modern Western attitude toward China (and Chinese people) is just as racist today, as it was two hundred years.  This Western racism assumes that the Chinese people are racially and culturally inferior.  This ignores the fact that China possesses the oldest, continuous culture in the world, and that its people embraced the philosophy of Marxism to free itself from Western (and Japanese) oppression, assisted by the USSR (toward the end of WWII).   The US takes exception to modern China being a Communist State, and spends considerable resources attempting to bring China down from the outside (through such false-fronts as the Falun Gong, the Epoch Times, and the Pro-Tibetan Movement, etc).  Western racism, however, does not stop at the Chinese people living within Mainland China, but is applied evenly to all Chinese people throughout the world, and toward all facets of Chinese culture.  This process of historical and continuous demonization of the Chinese people is aided and abetted by the Western, Christian Church that paints the ‘pagan’ Chinese as being ‘spiritually’ inferior, as well as racially inferior.  This means that Chinese people (as non-Europeans) have been the historical victims of Western racism, and continue to be so today.  Although ostensibly this anti-Chinese angst is justified as being motivated by a sense of ‘anti-Communism’ in the capitalist West, it is obvious that it does not matter what economic system a Chinese person lives within, as Eurocentric racism will continue to discriminate against them as a people.  A clear example of this can be seen with the Western racism aimed at the Soviet Union before its demise in 1991 (because it was ‘Communist’), and yet despite Russia’s disastrous shift to predatory capitalism, anti-Russian, Western racism is as strong and prolific as ever.

China and the Chinese people have been the victims of Eurocentric racism and have never been a perpetrator of that racism.  Furthermore, even historians from the modern State of Israel have had to admit that China is one of the few places on earth that Jewish people have never been oppressed or subject to pogrom.  Recently, a new media offensive against China (and the Chinese people) has been spread across the Western world by its media – particularly the Huffington Post, CNN and the BBC.  This involves an alleged video of a detergent advert from China showing an African man trying to kiss a Chinese woman – who then pushes him into a washing machine.  A few moments later, a Chinese man emerges from the washing machine.  This is apparently a copy of an earlier Italian advert that sees a European man fall into a washing machine and a heavily-muscled African man getting-out.  The Western media continuously prints untrue and racist articles about China all the time as part of its assistance in the misrepresentation of China, her culture, and her people, and yet exactly the same ‘media’ has recently (and mistakenly) portrayed this video as being the most ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ form of discrimination the world has ever seen.  Of course, the racist Western media is wrong on this account.  The worst racist incidences the world has ever seen (and continues to see) has been those continuous atrocities over the last five hundred years, perpetuated by the Westerners on non-Europeans and non-Christians.  China and her people have been on the receiving-end of this Eurocentric brutality that has been barely reported in Western media.

China firmly rejects the allegation of racial prejudice and discrimination premised upon skin-colour.  It is generally thought in China that this new offensive is part of the Western attempt to bring down Chinese Communism and its Internationalist policies – particularly throughout Africa – and within China, where African people are invited to attend universities and martial arts schools free of charge.  Another motivation for this offensive is to ‘hide’ various ‘embarrassing’ issues about life in Western, capitalist countries.  African-Americans have been exploited terribly in the past through Western institutional slavery, which although now abolished, nevertheless is still felt throughout the African diaspora through the continuation Eurocentric racism.  The US has a terrible problem of systemic racial prejudice aimed at African-Americans despite the country being run by President Barak Obama (an African-American).  Barak Obama – despite his ethnic background, has to represent the majority ‘white’ community (that financed and elected him) whilst keeping the racialised status quo very much in place.  By fabricating a ‘racist’ incident against China, Obama is diverting attention away from his disastrous record in office toward the ‘black’ community of America.  This policy has stirred-up ‘black’ anti-Chinese sentiment which is in essence simply ‘white’ racism deflected.  Youtube has a number of videos featuring African-Americans stating that the Chinese people are ‘racist’, are ‘colonising Africa’, and committing ‘genocide’ against its female population, etc.  One video purportedly shows an educated African-American man speaking Putonghua with Chinese women who racially abuse him.  This video was staged and was filmed in the US colony of Taiwan using actors. Since 1949, all forms of racism and prejudice have been forbidden under Chinese Communist Law.  However, the West has desperately sought to presents China in a racist light by falsely propagating the lie that Han Chinese hold racist attitudes toward Uighar people.  In 2005, Beijing University’s Psychology Department carried-out research recording Han Chinese attitudes toward Uighar people – and then compared the results with US academic research that recorded attitudes of ‘white’ Americans toward ‘black’ Americans.  It was found that ‘white’ Americans were generally openly racist toward ‘black’ Americans, whilst by comparison, the attitudes of Han Chinese toward Uighurs were found to be ‘mild’ in comparison.  This academic study was translated into English and made available to the Western press – which refused to publish it.  This is because the West has implicit racial problems which it does not want to face or change.  Instead, it fabricates other people into ogres to divert attention away from the very prolific nature of Western racism.

China has never possessed a historical prejudice against African people – that only exists in the West due to slavery.  Therefore this advert was not motivated in any way by anti-African racism, and it is interesting to consider that the African actor (who agreed to star in this role) did not think the plot was ‘racist’.  In fact, academics at the Central University for Nationalities – Institute of Ethnology state that traditional Chinese culture does not have any notion of ‘race’ or ‘colour’ in its historical development.  Ancient Chinese culture developed around the notion of correct behaviour and not appearance.  People were categorised by whether they practised Chinese culture or did not.  As a consequence, many different types of people were considered ‘Chinese’ despite differing physical characteristics.  Even today in modern China, there are 56 distinct ethnic groups, with only ethnic Russians and Tajiks being considered ‘Caucasian’.  There are currently around 20,000 ethnic Russians in China, and around 50,000 Tajiks.  This is a very small percentage of the Chinese population, and yet there has never been any reported cases of racial discrimination aimed at these minorities, who are law-abiding and live peaceful lives.  Modern China encourages integration and multiculturalism, and cares profoundly for the well-being of its populace.  This extends to the well-being of foreign nationals friendly to China and sympathetic to is political system.  Even today, Chinese people discuss cultural differences and never refer to race as a main designator of identity (as only Western racism makes this distinction).

Academics working for the China Advertising Association (many of whom are lawyers) confirm that all forms of discrimination are out-lawed not only nationally, but also within advertising.  This advert does not break Chinese advertising standards because it was found after investigation, that no one concerned in its making was motivated in any way by racial prejudice (as China does not historically possess the historical Western anti-black racism).  It has also been alleged that this Chinese advert has broken copyright law – but it transpires that the original Italian advert was deemed illegal in that country – and so its content cannot be copyrighted.  However, the only valid criticism for this advert is that it is uninspired and not original. Those who break the strict advertising law in China are subject to substantial fines, closure of business and even imprisonment in severe cases of infringement.  This advert was the product of bad judgement – nothing more – and the makers have withdrawn it and issued an unreserved apology for any offense caused.

Chinese Language Source Article:

中国“黑洗白”广告让西方不爽 专家称中国人种族观念淡漠


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