Pro-Nazi Propaganda: The Downfall of Berlin – Anonyma


As the pro-capitalist, rightwing political, economic and cultural policies of the European Union (EU) continue to unfold, there has been a very obvious shift to the political right across both Eastern and Western Europe.   This has seen an upsurge in far-right and violent neo-Nazi support across Germany, that has mirrored this general lurch to the right in Europe.  The European media has become default set on presenting and justifying rightwing political thought and rightwing history.  This phenomena is nothing short than an apologist’s agenda for justifying genocide and holocaust, and is designed to brain-wash the younger generation into perceiving the despicable acts of the rightwing (particularly Nazi Germany) in a positive and redeeming light.   This specifically ‘reverses’ the historical roles, so that Nazi Germany is viewed as the ‘victim’, and the millions of victims of Nazis atrocity are viewed as the ‘perpetuators’ of Crimes Against Humanity.  This has created fertile soil for the type of pro-capitalist and pro-fascist propaganda aimed at sullying the reputation of the Soviet Red Army during WWII, such as that churned-out by British military historian Antony Beevor (whose historical work covering the USSR during WWII has been ‘banned’ from modern Russia since 2015, due to its racially motivated inaccuracies and lies), and the 2008 fictional film (falsely presented as ‘true’) entitled ‘The Downfall of Berlin – Anonyma’ – by German director Max Farberbock.  This film is a deliberate attack on the political left, namely Scientific Socialism, the Red Army, and the USSR.  Farberbock deliberately conflates a small middle class area of Berlin with the entire Second World War, and deceitfully presents the citizens of that area as being the ‘victims’ of Soviet aggression, rather than what they really were – which was the willing supporters of Adolf Hitler and his murderous policies in the USSR.  Farberbock reverses the roles of the protagonists so that the uninformed viewer is mistakenly led into believing the exact opposite of what actually happened during WWII.  In this effort, Farberbock is very careful not to present any of the events that happened in the USSR from 1941, involving the destructive activities of the Nazi German Army as it rampaged across Soviet Russia (raping, killing and ethnically cleansing as it went), for if he did, there would be no way that he could have distorted history in the manner in which he does in this film.  True historical records reveal that around 27 million Soviet men, women and children perished as the result of Nazi German atrocities in the USSR.  Whilst the Western allies held back and let the Red Army fight its way to Berlin, the Soviets lost hundreds of thousands of troops against the last pockets of fanatical Nazi German resistance.  Farberbock associates the false allegations of mass ‘rape’ against Soviet troops directly with the Red Flag of the USSR (and Socialism), even though official historical records state that in fact under five thousand Soviet soldiers were punished for crimes against German citizens, whilst over eleven thousand American soldiers were convicted of the same crime.  This is a rightwing ‘nonsense’ film for the simple minded and easily led.  Discerning individuals should understand that the rightwing takes its cue from Adolf Hitler and believes that lying is a legitimate political tool.  The racist Nazi German regime killed tens of millions of victims from 1933 until its defeat in 1945.  It was the USSR that brought an end to this Nazi German savagery.  The Nazi Germans were treated much better by the Soviets, than the Soviets were treated by the Nazi Germans.  Farberbock’s film has served the cause of Adolf Hitler well – as it is a good lie.

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