Buddhist Monk Receives Shafiq George Hatem Award for Leprosy Treatment in China

Venerable Sheng Hui Receives His Shafiq George Hatem Award

Original Chinese Language Article By: http://bodhi.takungpao.com

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: In this era that sees Western, pro-Israeli, capitalist governments pursue a continued Cold War-eque, racially motivated, negative propaganda campaign against the People’s Republic of China (planting false news stories throughout the Western media about jobs be taken, countries being invaded, honey being poisoned, pets being poisoned (or eaten), Chinese people being ‘racist’ and Chinese Communism either being a failure, or a distortion), it is interesting to see how the Chinese people respect and idolise a Lebanese doctor, born in America, who selflessly shared his medical knowledge for free amongst the poor and down-trodden ordinary people of China.  ACW 15.3.2016

On January 21st, 2016, in Hunan province, the following officials presented the prestigious Shafiq George Hatem Award for leprosy treatment and prevention:

1) Chen Yan (陈焱) – Director of the Disease Control Planning Committee.

2) Tang Qingbo (汤清波) – Secretary of the Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Centre – Discipline Inspection Commission.

3) Kuang Yanfei (旷燕飞) – Branch Section Chief of the Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Leprosy Prevention.

The prestigious Shafiq George Hatem Award for leprosy treatment and prevention was granted to the Buddhist Lushan Temple (麓山寺 – Lu Shan Si) in Changsha.  The Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China, and Head Monk of the Lushan Temple – the Great Monk Sheng Hui (圣辉大和尚 – Sheng Hui Da He Shang) received the award on behalf of the temple.  The Director of the Shafiq George Hatem Foundation – Madam Zhang Su Fei (长苏菲) – personally over-saw the process of the inscribing of the official award certificate and document to be presented to the Ven, Sheng Hui.  It was revealed that over the years, the Ven. Sheng Hui, as part of his selfless charity work, regularly visited the leper villages located in Hunan province, and carried-out vital treatment and care work.  During the award ceremony, it was confirmed that Ven. Sheng Hui had dedicated a significant part of his life to carrying-out crucial and important life-saving work for people suffering from leprosy.

Not only is the Ven. Sheng Hui one of only ten recipients of the 2016 Shafiq George Hatem Award, but he is also the only representative of the Buddhist community.  The Shafiq George Hatem Award was established in 1990 by the Ministry of Health, with assistance from the leprosy control industry awards, and is issued once a year.

Shafiq George Hatem with Chairman Mao

The person named Shafiq George Hatem (26.9.1918 – 3.10.1988) was originally born in Buffalo, New York, but was actually of Lebanese extraction.  He was an Arab International Communist revolutionary, and a fully trained medical doctor who specialised in venereal disease and leprosy.  Shafiq George Hatem was the first foreigner to join the Communist Party of China, and after Liberation he was the first foreigner to apply for, and be granted full Chinese nationality.  Prior to this, he was the first foreigner to join the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army, the Red Army, the Eighth Route Army and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).  He is the only known foreigner to have experienced all four periods of the following Chinese revolutionary historical eras; the Agrarian Revolution, the Sino-Japanese War, the War of Liberation, and the Socialist Re-construction Period.  As an excellent internationalist member of the Communist Party of China, he was not only a committed revolutionary fighter, but was also a prominent diplomat amongst the ordinary people.  He made life better for hundreds and thousands of people suffering from leprosy in China, and brought hope to millions of families whilst practising as a highly effective medical doctor.

Shafiq George Hatem was a medical doctor from the USA, but his revolutionary spirit and willingness to help the ordinary people of China won him the undying admiration of the masses, for selflessly participating in the Socialist Revolution and Reconstruction.  Shafiq George Hatem spent a full 55 years of his life in China dedicated to assisting the Chinese people, and there are many touching and inspiring stories involving his experiences throughout this time.  Shafiq George Hatem is seen as a Hero of the People in China and his selfless example will never be forgotten.  His presence in China positively affected an entire generation…

In 2009, it was the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of New China and Shafiq George Hatem was declared one of the top ‘100 people who had extensively influenced the development on New China since its Founding’.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

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马海德奖是马海德基金会在国家卫生部支持下设立的麻风防治行业奖 ,该奖项自1990年设立至今,每年评选一次。












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