Zhou Enlai – Disciple of Master Xu Yun

As the US ‘Blocks’ Much of the Correct Historical Data Coming-Out of the Communist Countries – It is Important to Replicate the Articles in Their Entirety – Before Access is Withheld By a Country That Has a Constitution ‘Guaranteeing’ Freedom of Speech!

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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Few people are aware of the fact that Zhou Enlai was a devout Buddhist, and a disciple of Master Xu Yun (1840-1959).  This fact was revealed in the 1999 study entitled ‘Buddhist Culture’, published paper No.41:

A National Model Worker and a Party Secretary eventually entered the ‘Spirit Rock Temple’ (灵岩寺 – Ling Yan Si) – (this temple is located in Dayu County, Jiangxi province) – and became a deputy head monk named ‘Law Safety Dharma Master’ (法安法师 – Fa An Fa Shi) – (this person participated in the Huai-Hai Campaign, and after Liberation, he worked in the uranium mines which were administered by the nuclear industry.  He was then a Party Branch Secretary, and Mine Foreman.  Due to his efforts, he was named National Model Worker, and Model Worker-Scholar.  Later, he was promoted to Deputy Party Secretary, and Deputy Mine Manager and diligently worked on, eventually reaching the rank of Deputy Director Level until retirement, only afterwards becoming a monk).  This person stated that Li Xiannian (李先念) took Refuge in the Triple Gem at the ‘Little Forest Temple’ (少林寺 – Shao Lin Si), and Liu Shaoqi (刘少奇) took Refuge in the Triple Gem on Mount Potalaka (菩陀山 – Pu Tuo Shan), and this revealed important information about Zhou Enlai (周恩来) and his association with Buddhism.

When in Wuhan, Mao Zedong once asked Zhou Enlai: ‘Why are your actions always so successful?’  Zhou Enlai replied: ‘Mr President, I always apply Marxist-Leninist thinking, but also Buddhist thinking – a mixture of the two.’  Mao asked: ‘Who is your master?’  Zhou Enlai replied: ‘It is venerable old Master Xu Yun (虚云老和尚 – Xu Yun Lao He Shang).’ Mao said: ‘Tell me more about this venerable old monk Xu Yun.’  Zhou replied: ‘Xu Yun is a contemporary Buddhist monk and his father was the Prefect of Quanzhou.  His father and uncle both raised him as their son, and therefore two wives were chosen for him.  However, Xu Yun left home to become a Buddhist monk and ate leaves to survive.  He showed such endurance and forbearance that no ordinary person could have survived….’

Mao was so enthralled by hearing this biography of Xu Yun that he considered becoming a disciple of Master Xu Yun himself – as Mao understood that Master Xu Yun was a very pure being and true follower of the Dharma.  However, when Master Xu Yun was requested to come Wuhan, he could not come, and when Master Xu Yun asked Mao Zedong to travel southward – Mao could not travel at that time and so Mao’s intention to Take Refuge in the Triple Gem under Master Xu Yun could not be fulfilled.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

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