9/11 Conspiracy Theories as an Expression of Free-Thought


Bear with me for a moment whilst I weave an intricate web of deceit and delusion. When the evidence is examined regarding the destructive events surrounding the so-called ‘terror’ attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York on September the 11th, 2001, the glaring inconsistencies in the ‘official’ reports compiled by agencies of the US government (and its allies), are so obviously designed to manipulate a passive audience, that the details contained therein cannot be accepted as ‘true’ without a tremendous amount of qualification and clarification. The 9/11 reports, without a shadow of a doubt, were not designed to impartially and dispassionately report a tragic loss of life to a shocked populace, but from the very beginning were a propaganda exercise in Islamophobia initiated by a rightwing US Administration. The 9/11 reports became a vehicle for the dissemination of anti-Muslim racism in the US, Europe and white colonial countries such as New Zealand and Australia, etc. This type of racialised reporting prepared the ground for a rabid race-hate campaign against the peoples of both Iraq and Afghanistan – two countries that had no part in the 9/11 attacks in New York – which culminated in the US military (supported by the UK) illegally invading and occupying these countries. Those brave Iraqi and Afghani men, women and children who rightfully resisted this act of blatant US-led neo-imperialism, and have died in their hundreds of thousands, have been portrayed by the Western media as insane sub-human entities that are not worthy of compassion or concern. Of course, this is not a new strategy for Western imperialism, but is part of a well-practiced historical response in its dealings with the other ethnicities it seeks to dominate and exploit. Exactly the same dehumanisation technique can be seen within the discriminatory Western attitudes applied to Africans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Native American Indians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, South Americans, Polynesians, Aborigines and Maoris, etc. During the Cold War, this simple technique of race-hating the enemy was even applied to the USSR.

A population that does not think for itself, waits to be told what to think and what to do by its government. This is the case in the US, and increasingly so across the EU. Ordinary people have either forgotten how to think for themselves, or have had the educational opportunities to do so withdrawn from their cultures by rightwing governments. The biggest threat to the Western rightwing is not Islamophobia, but rather the free thinking associated with an individual that has received a good and all-round education. Free-thinking is an inoculation against rightwing terror and its social manipulation. Why is it, for instance, that the US did not blanket-bomb Saudi Arabia and Egypt following the 9/11 attacks, when 17 of the alleged bombers are believed to have been Saudi citizens, and the other 2 from Egypt? Why is it that shortly after releasing this list of apparent suicide bombers, one or two of these individuals were reported as still being alive? Why was it that massive and well-built modern buildings collapsed shortly after the two jets hit them and the Solomon building also collapsed without being hit by a plane? Despite the apparent destructive force of two jet-planes hitting the WTC buildings, the US authorities stated that their investigators recovered the passports of some of the alleged hijackers in the debris of the collapsed buildings, along with the unlikely find of Qurans bound together with flight manuals! There are many more inconsistencies, sleights of hand, omission of facts, and obvious disinformation that collectively serves to fuel the numerous conspiracy theories that abound.

When compared to the controlling and manipulating manner in which the US authorities have handled the 9/11 crisis, the advent of 9/11 conspiracy theories can be legitimately interpreted as an exercise in free-thought and expression, regardless of the factual content or truth value of each conspiracy. The creation of these counter-constructs are in response to the official interpretation of events that has been judged as academically failing, on top of the obvious Islamophobia and general lying through disinformation presented as fact. What conspiracy theories represent is the application of human free-thought when confronted by an oppressive state and its deliberately controlling apparatus. A conspiracy theory, regardless of its truth content, is an important device that confronts the tyranny of state originated attempts to control the thought patterns and emotional responses of its citizens. The 9/11 official report issued by the US government, at its base, requires those who believe in it, to accept that white Eurocentric culture is superior to the cultures of brown-skinned people who happen to follow the religion of Islam. This message is delivered by the US government through the vehicle of institutional ‘victimhood’ – whereby the suffering of white America is considered superior than the suffering experienced by non-Americans (with the exception of Zionist Israel). To accept the official US report on 9/11 is to accept that racism is legitimate, and to conspire to apply that thinking in the physical world, and of course that is the entire point of this policy. It is designed to encourage US citizens to join the military and partake in a new crusade of murdering Muslims for an imagined affront to European dignity.

As a free-thinker I neither fully accept nor reject conspiracy theories. My view is that they serve as an important control mechanism in Western democracies that are not as ‘free’ as their own rhetoric suggests that they are. The conspiracy theory I would like to suggest is quite simple. I am of the opinion that the US government would have us believe that the 9/11 attacks just appeared out of nowhere and had no place in history. This reflects that Judeo-Christian myth of a god-construct that suddenly created all in existence out of nothing. The US then uses this counter logical and unreasonable position to portray its own suffering as ‘unique’ and ‘special’ (exactly the same as that attitude found within Zionism, or Jewish national racism). In so doing, it automatically absolves itself of any guilt for 9/11 premised upon its own historical behaviour. This illogicality is the basis of the US official 9/11 report and the reason why so many people refuse to accept that report – regardless of the facts contained within it. Conspiracy theories sometimes take the wrong direction, or advocate incorrect facts, but taken as a general response to US lies and tyranny, their existence represents an important beacon for human free-thought. It was the US racist attitude and highly oppressive historical behaviour that led to 9/11 happening. In this assessment I do not personally reject the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, simply because it is my right to think freely, but the fundamental ‘conspiracy theory’ comes not from ordinary citizens, but rather from the US government itself which would have us believe that it is the innocent victim of religious extremists.

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