Colin Jordan’s Red Leanings

World Fuhrer - Colin Jordon
World Fuhrer – Colin Jordan

In the 1980’s, the BBC filmed a number of interviews and news clips featuring the rampant British racist and National Socialist Mr Colin Jordan (1923-2009). Just as the equally racist and incoherent UKIP today receives unjustified and extensive wall to wall media coverage (despite the fact that it has no discernible answer to any political issue) in the 1960’s, Colin Jordan and his ‘White Defence League’, attracted newspaper reporters and television news crews. Jordon’s neo-Nazi viewpoints were essentially nothing original and amounted to little more than his reading of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kamp’. It is interesting to note that in a country that lost tens of thousands of people fighting the forces of Nazi Germany, a person like Colin Jordan could appear and persist in the perpetuation of a thoroughly discredited political theory that once attempted to destroy the very country that had given him birth. Ironically, although viewing himself as something of a racial ‘superman’, his applications to join the Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force during WWII, were both declined on health grounds. When the UK government decided that migrants from the British colonies – as ‘British Citizens’ – could resettle on mainland Britain in the 1950’s and 1960’s – Jordan took exception, and saw this as a call to arms. It was believed in the UK at the time that non-White immigrants from the colonies could be used (as second class citizens) to form a cheap army of labour employed to rebuild Britain’s shattered cities. The racists of the time, (being perpetually ‘out of step’ as they undoubtedly are), could not envisage that the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of these victims of British imperialism, would not only start successful businesses of their own, but also become soldiers, police officers, nurses, midwives, layers, doctors, judges, and many other professions, etc., and in so doing, immeasurably contribute to the well-being, wealth and security of the British nation.

One of the defining features of the British bourgeoisie is that it truly loves a good racist. Although racist individuals – as educationally sub-normal as they are – contribute nothing constructive to the political or cultural life of the contemporary UK, they do possess a certain entertainment value that is something like a bizarre cross between a Hobby Horse and a May Pole. No one living today really knows what the British ancestors used these objects for, but brushing them off once a year, and parading around the local town allows for a carnival atmosphere that is not intended to last long before normal life is restored and familiar patterns re-engaged. The bourgeois – despite holding quite stringent and racialist viewpoints – nevertheless prefer to think of themselves as morally ‘pure’ in a Christian sense, despite the fact that much of their natural bigotry arises from within the Church itself. Colin Jordan – a Cambridge graduate – fitted this role exactly. Here was a man with a criminal record as long as his arm (which included several stints in jail), who could never intellectually raise himself above the gutter instincts of the psychologically damaged and permanently deranged. He came to court the media attention the British establishment heaped upon him, and started behaving in ever-more outlandish ways to achieve notoriety. Although intellectually dead in the water, this man went on to influence the British far-right for decades, and despite eulogising Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, he was not arrested or deported – a very different treatment compared to Black and Asian British citizens today, who, if expressing an interest in, or allegiance to a perceived ‘foreign’ political or religious movement, are either imprisoned (usually without trial), or deported. The difference in treatment between White British and Black and Asian British citizens demonstrates the natural racism inherent in the British system.

Like many people who attach themselves to the mythos of Adolf Hitler, Colin Jordan had a profound character flaw to add to his medical inadequacies. In 2001, during the height of the resurgence of the British National Party (BNP), Jordan was arrested by police at the Leamington Spa branch of a well-known supermarket. He was subsequently charged by police with the theft of three ‘red’ coloured pairs of knickers. This suggests a fetish-like obsession with female underwear, or perhaps even issues of gender confusion with trans-gender leanings. The reason these knickers were ‘red’ was because subconsciously Jordon knew that his liking of female underwear would not be tolerated by the vicious rightwing ideology he espoused. Red for danger. Indeed, such an issue as gender confusion (and possible latent homosexual tendencies) would only be tolerated by the very Leftwing movement that Jordan’s Hitlerism deemed ‘inferior’ and ‘not worthy of life’. In all likelihood, the rampant racist Colin Jordan wanted ‘out’ of the far-right and the stealing ‘red’ knickers can be construed as his ‘cry for help’, although at the time, he tried to explain his behaviour away in a politically correct rightwing manner. As things transpired, the trial judge accepted that Jordan’s heart condition did not render him fit for trial and the case was dropped. This apparently ‘sick’ man went on to live for another eight years. Laughably, a collection of Jordon’s collected speeches was published in 1993. Characters like this are useful because they express the inadequacies and contradictions inherent within British society.


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