Xu Yun’s Enlightenment Gatha

Xu Yun Gatha
Xu Yun Gatha

Ch’an Master Xu Yun attained to a major breakthrough in his self-cultivation during his 56th year of life (1895-96), whilst staying at the Gaomin Monastery situated in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China.  The above calligraphy is the second two lines of Xu Yun’s Enlightenment Gatha – brushed by the famous Pureland Master Jing Kong.  During a night of meditation, Xu Yun was sat upright in the cross-legged position when an attending monk came into the hall to give each practitioner a cup of warm water.  By accident, the attendant spilt hot water on Xu Yun’s hand and he dropped the cup, which fell and smashed on the ground.  At that precise moment, Xu Yun’s mind completely ‘turned about’ and became all-embracing and free from doubt.  He composed a gatha – the two lines above read in Chinese as:


This translates into English as:

‘Spring arrives and flowers bloom everywhere.  The mountains and rivers of the Great Earth and the Tathagata.’

Extracted from the Original Chinese Language Source Article:


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