London TUC March 18.10.14 – Workers United!


The bourgeois state was shook to its boots yesterday when tens of thousands of workers took to the streets of London on Saturday to protest every aspect of the dictatorship inflicted upon the people, since the so-called election ‘victory’ of the coalition of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party. Ironically, the last time the UK had a coalition government was during WWII – which saw the Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Parties temporarily uniting to fight the forces of international fascism – this can be compared to the 2010 ConDem Coalition instigation, which has seen exactly the same fascistic forces applied to the Socialistic institutions of the UK, which has led to a resultant increase in the suffering of the masses already living under capitalist oppression. The National Health Service (NHS), already suffering from decades of neglect, down-sizing, rationalising and brutal cuts, has been finally privatised by the current rightwing administration, at exactly the same time that Welfare cuts have forced workers into ever desperate levels of impoverished existence. These acts of terrorism against its own population by the ConDem Coalition has been compounded by the continuation of the Thatcherite policy of selling-off council houses and the refusal to build any new stock, and the cutting of legal aid for workers (and the very poor) so that they can no longer take on the bourgeois system through its judicial system in an attempt to divert the worst excesses of the greedy profit-mongers.

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Teachers, lawyers, academics, cleaners, cooks, road sweepers, musicians and many other comrades, concerned individuals and groups, gathered together under the TUC banner along London’s Victoria Embankment, (and around the impressive Communist presence) from around 10am onwards – before the UNITE trade union led the march off (at 1215pm) on its way through the streets of central London, and on its way toward Hyde Park – where many and varied inspirational speakers addressed the crowds – explaining why the workers are campaigning for better pay and fairer rights. Amongst the different branches of the various British leftists movement was the New Communist Party of Britain (NCPB), Bradford Socialist Students, the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), independent NHS campaigners.  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (NHS Not Trident protestors), Stop the War Coalition, Left Unity, Revolutionary Socialism 21st Century, People’s Assembly, Communist Party of Britain (and its various branches including London, Oxfordshire and Plymouth amongst others), Royal College of Midwives (RCM) – who recently went on strike for he first time in their 130 year history, UNISON, UCU, and a plethora of leftwing student bodies representing Marx and Lenin.

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The Communist Party exhibited excellent discipline as its members marched shoulder to shoulder in front of a banner calling on the British people to ‘Rise Up’, whilst under a sea of red flags waving in the morning breeze coming off the River Thames. As usual, the bourgeois authorities wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds policing the entirely peaceful event – with a strong police presence which increased to a new paranoid high around the area of the Savoy Hotel – where lines of police officers formed a ‘Cordon sanitaire’ around the entrance to Victoria Embankment Park with the intention of protecting the already rich and privileged from the righteous anguish of the people. The majority of police officers are from the working class and they should abandon their service to the bourgeoisie and join the Communist movement in its effort to lead the proletariat to revolution and the building of Socialism.

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The current rightwing mayor of London – Boris Johnson – issued an edict demanding that as soon as the march moved from its start-line, an army of workers employed by the authorities should move in with brushes, dustcarts, refuse lorries, road sweepers and copious amounts of disinfectant, immediately behind the last members of the protests – who happened to be the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) – effectively sweeping the very dust from beneath their feet! This action was obviously designed to intimidate and harass the comrades of the leftwing movement who were trying their best to represent the poor and oppressed through lawful (and peaceful) protest. This demeaning process was witnessed by hundreds of people scattered over the various bridges the marched moved under and through – shouting their support and waving banners and flags – as the march moved through a routinely crowded Trafalgar Square a group of elderly pedestrians standing behind the barricades (designed to keep the protestors out of Trafalgar Square) clapped their hands with joy as they saw the fluttering red flags, voicing their support!

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The TUC march evolved around the common principle that ‘Britain Needs a Pay-rise!’, which is particularly poignant at a time that sees the young, the old, the vulnerable, the disabled, the workers and unemployed, pregnant women and those suffering from illness and disease, as well as many others (such as workers with such low wages that they have to depended upon food-banks), are suffering from cuts in policing, fire brigade cover, prison services, state benefits, disability benefits, housing benefit, income support and incapacity benefit, maternity services, medical services, local services and amenities, advice services, transport, access to free education, access to free travel, adequate housing, employment opportunities and social services, watch the top 10% of the wealthiest people in Britain receiving pointless tax-cuts that they neither need nor deserve! The richest strata of the UK get to keep a little bit more of their money (which they do not need) so that they can use it to buy shares in the previously nationalised industries that this ConDem Coalition – (acting in cahoots with the anti-Socialist tendencies of the European Union [EU] they pretend to dislike) – has ruthlessly dismantled and privatised. The majority of the British people are forced -through the false policy of ‘austerity’ – to suffer immeasurably, and be plunged back into a state of poverty that has not been seen in the UK since the Victorian times. As workers’ rights are linked to pay, thousands upon thousands heeded the call to take to the streets of London on Saturday and voice their righteous opposition to this backward and regressive set of policies that this current national government has inflicted upon the working people of the UK. Workers united – we will never be defeated!

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