China’s Struggle for the Hong Kong People


(This letter appeared in the New Worker – the newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain [NCPB] No. 1796, dated the 24.10.14 – Pages 8-9)

The international news is filtered through to us in the West, and presented in a manner that reflects the current viewpoint of the bourgeois governments and their rightwing media supporters.  Many placards in the recent Hong Kong demonstrations read things like ‘Down with Capitalism’, and ‘More Power to Hong Kong’, etc – very different to what much of the Western press was reporting.  The irony is that the treaty that applies to Hong Kong is regulated by the Privy Council and not Beijing.  This body threatens China with economic sanctions should it be decided that China has deviated from the 1997 agreement – which is nothing more than a ‘new’ unequal treaty.  The only way for Hong Kong to have more devolved power (within Communist China) at this current time, is through the breaking of this new unequal treaty.  The USA (and its Western allies) view China (and its developing Chinese economic power) as a threat to their hegemony, and as a consequence, the Western media is default set on demeaning and misrepresenting everything China does and achieves.  This seems to be the same old Eurocentric imperialism at work attempting to dominate everything (and everyone) it encounters.  In Hong Kong now, (as the New Worker has been reporting), ordinary citizens are tearing down the barricades and asking the protestors to go home because their point has been made.  Many in Hong Kong have been disappointed and alarmed by the misrepresentation emerging through the Western media.

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