German Immigrant Accuses Russia of Nazism


(This article appeared in the New Worker – the newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain, No 1777, dated 30.5.14 -Page 11)

The Constitutional Monarchy of the UK is forbidden by law to interfere in the everyday political process carried out by the British Parliament through its elected representatives (i.e. Members of Parliament that represent the various constituencies from around the UK). The feudal practice of absolute monarchy was abolished by the progressive governance of Oliver Cromwell after the English Revolution, but was reinstated (in various guises) by the counter-revolutionary forces of conservativism, until the religious bigotry between Protestant and Catholic Christianity eventually ensured that the UK ruling house was reduced to a Constitutional Monarchy – a monarchy in name only – staffed primarily by immigrants drawn from the German royal family. Today’s royal family in the UK are the descendents of those German immigrants who have, for hundreds of years, lived a life of privilege and luxury at the expense of the British taxpayer, whilst the ordinary workers are made to struggle, starve, get ill, lose their homes, lose their benefits, and lose their rights through the policies and actions instigated by a stream of bourgeois governments elected into parliament who swear an oath of allegiance to the royal family when assuming the reigns of power.

It is a striking and shocking irony to consider that the British royal family are technically unemployed and are automatically entitled to receive non-means tested benefit handouts to the some of hundreds of thousands of pounds per individual. It is well known that individual members of the royal family receive tens of thousands of pounds per month in Housing Benefit to pay the rent on extravagant homes designed to meet the relevant level of preferential treatment. These individuals do not fill out any application form for the Department of Work and Pension (DWP), nor are they subject to any fraud investigations instigated by the DWP and local councils. Everything is arranged for them behind their backs and behind closed doors. When the UK governments cut welfare, housing, education, and free health, the amount of money allocated for royal use actually rises in real terms. Although the rightwing governments of the UK continually inform the workers that their lives must be moderated by the economic forces of the free market, no such harsh reality comes knocking on the door of the many royal residences that exist up and down the UK. All the UK royal family has to do for this continued life of luxury is not to interfere in politics, that is, not to interfere in the democratic process, after-all, the royal family are not democratically elected. Should the Queen, for instance, exercise her royal command, the royal family risk being abolished for breaking the law. The inherent problem with this is that the bourgeois state exists in awe of the royal family, and over hundreds of years members of it have interfered in politics and got away with it. This interference is above and beyond the normal level of expressed racism, xenophobia, uninformed views, upper class rhetoric, and pro-hunting nonsense that usually forms a steady flow from the mouths of the royals.

The latest re-writing of history in the royal mould has emanated from the mouth of the next king of England – Prince Charles – who whilst visiting an immigration museum in Nova Scotia, is reported to have likened Russia’s anti-fascist policy in the Ukraine, to ‘Russia behaving like Nazi Germany’! This bizarre and outlandish comment, of course, was immediately broadcast throughout the rightwing BBC as if god himself had finally issued a heavenly decree defining a particular activity happening upon the earth. It is highly ironic that a descendent of German migrants living in the UK would criticise the Russian fight against USA (and UK) backed fascism in the Ukraine, just two weeks after Russia, Europe, and the USA marked the 69th anniversary of the crushing of fascism in the guise of German Nazism in Europe. An act of great importance and sacrifice that saw the deaths of around 30 million Soviet (i.e. Communist) men, women, and children! A sacrifice that saved Europe from the forces of Adolf Hitler (and those who admired and mimicked his rightwing lunacy). This rather stupid comment from Charles should surely mark the end of the monarchy in the UK and pave the way for the abolition of the royal family and the establishment of a British Republic.

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