UN Anti-Racism Day – London March Saturday 22.3.14











The bourgeois institution, and mouthpiece of US imperialism, the United Nations (UN), decided to authorise a world-wide anti-racism day.  Of course, this apologist for the US foreign policy of neo-colonialism, has, in the process, attempted the hijacking of a key and fundamental policy of the Left.  The UN has an official policy of campaigning for the removal of discrimination on the grounds of race, from the process of the procurement of employment throughout the world.  In other words, the UN stands for the principle of ‘equal’ access to exploitation of all racial and ethnic groupings residing within bourgeois, capitalist societies.  This policy guarantees that all ethnic and national minorities are placed on an equal footing with the working class in all bourgeois societies, and are legally ensured to be available for maximum exploitation by the ruthless middle classes, skin-colour not withstanding.  UN anti-racism is thoroughly bourgeois in nature and those of the Left should treat it with the contempt it deserves, whilst simultaneously using the ‘official status’ of the UN day to work for the true ending of racism through the complete over-throw of the inherently unequal, uncaring, and brutal bourgeois capitalist system.  Bourgeois ‘equality’ is not equality at all, but a sinister mirage designed to make fools of its intended beneficiaries.


Today, the progressive and advanced Leftwing descended upon Parliament Square for the march toward Trafalgar Square.  Communists and Socialists from every part of the UK, Europe, and the world, gathered in solidarity in London.  The UN day was transcended by the real issues of the British and international Left, and included.

1) The institutional racism of the British Police Service.

2) The racism of the rightwing press, (particularly the Sun, Daily Mail, and Telegraph newspapers, etc).

3) The incessant attack on immigrants by the current (and extreme) rightwing government of the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.

4) The attack on the Welfare State.

5) The attack on the National Health Service.

6) The demonization of disabled people.

7) The lurch to the right of the Labour Party.

8) The families of those whose relations have been killed whilst in Police custody.

9) The threat from the openly racist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), English Defence League (EDL), and British National Party (BNP).

10) The attack on social housing.

11) The issues surrounding the fact that British racists congeal around the mythical figure of St George who is believed to have come from Turkey.

12) Official (bourgeois) statistics that clearly prove far-right rhetoric to be completely false.

DSC_0188 DSC_0166








At the well attended rally in Trafalgar Square, the officers comprising the ample Police presence had to quietly look on as speaker after speaker openly and regularly attacked the Police for their part in the killing of a number of young people detained in police-cells.  Grieving relatives took their turn to explain the tragedy of how they had been vilified by the British rightwing press, and treated with contempt and disrespect by the Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), whilst fighting through a hostile bourgeois legal system that supports feral police officers by default – usually absolving the culprits of all charges before promoting and then returning them to duty.  One speaker expressed concern that the murderer of her brother is back on the streets again as an armed response officer, whilst Carol Duggan, the aunt of murdered Mark Duggan, explained how the Police led a smear campaign against the Duggan family rather than investigate the officer who killed her unarmed nephew.


Interspersed with these many and frightful testimonies, were speakers from many different and varied backgrounds, many of whom led tributes to Nelson Mandala, Bob Crow, and Tony Benn.  Speakers from around the world offered speeches of solidarity, and many warned that in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections, (as well as in the London Council Elections), a record number of far-rightwingers, fascists, Nazis, and racist candidates will be standing – the greatest number seen since WWII.  The successful day of campaigning ended with a free reggae concert in the square.



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