Further Reflections on the London May Day March (2018)


It is fair to say that revisionism abounds throughout the left in the UK (and the Western world). This attitude has its roots in US Cold War rhetoric, and Trotskyite disinformation. This has led to the infiltration of the Marxist-Leninist movement with thoroughly bourgeois attitudes. This is to be expected, but is disappointing nonetheless, as it means the sickness that is capitalism is winning in the minds of the workers. After-all, the working class is bombarded continuously by a bourgeois media in the West that is currently presenting neo-Nazism in Eastern Europe with ‘freedom fighting’ because these participants are anti-Russian and pro-capitalist! Although the Young Communist League of the CPB has protested outside the Ukrainian Embassy in London – opposing the Kiev banning of the Communist Party – elsewhere there is virtually no resistance to the bourgeois media depicting neo-Nazis as ‘freedom fighters’. With regards to China, the US has continued the implementation of historical, imperialist attitudes that were common-place two hundred years ago, and which are popular throughout European culture. The Chinese people have been depicted by the forces of European imperialism as being racially, politically, intellectually, emotionally and culturally deficient, and therefore considered ‘sub-human’. The US (and its allies) have retained this thinking and applied to ‘New’ China. This has been so successful that the Communist movement within the West is riddled with this type of anti-Chinese racism which forms an a priori attitude. In other words, false notion of Chinese deficiency is presented as both ‘natural’ an even ‘scientific’. Today, the left hides its anti-China racism behind a thin veneer of Marxist dialectic, incorrectly implying that this racial prejudice is a product of correctly applied Marxist Thought! This anti-China attitude is premised entirely upon ignorance. It is an attitude of assumptions that has no direct experience of Chinese culture or understanding. In reality, contrary to what various leftist ideologues would have you believe, China has not deviated from the Marxist-Leninist line, and looks like the only country in history to be successful at applying Marxist-Leninist Thought to a developing Socialist society. Of course, to understand China’s success it is required that Chinese thought, language, culture and history must be studied, as without this first-hand experience the West grasps at shadows and makes pseudo-realities out of nothing. Misrepresenting Communist China is nothing but a confidence trick that even permeates non-White leftist movements – such is the seductive nature of neo-imperialist thought. The White, racist, bourgeois State has successfully diverted attention away from its own oppressive nature, and shifted it to China – depicting China as the inverse of what it actually is. China is a Socialist State trying to ‘free’ the International Working Class within the context of modern conditions and circumstance. This mission extends hand in hand with the requirement of the building of Chinese science and social well-being. China’s progression is the fulfilment of Marxist Thought and not a deviation away from it. The bourgeois mind-set would have you believe that for a Socialist State to be truly ‘Socialist’ it must be poor – but this is a false paradigm. China’s success scares the capitalist world because it is moving ahead in all areas without being affected by the boom and bust politics of the greedy and truly deficient bourgeoise State! Indeed, it is those supposed ‘leftists’ that are departing from Marxist Thought when they habitually apply a rightwing, racist narrative toward China. Virtually everyone I met on the London May Day March repeated the rightist mantra that China was not Socialist – and this attitude leaves Chinese people looking on with bemusement at the sheer scale and scope of Western ignorance!

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