Tibet is Beautiful Under CPC Administration!


Tibet is a thriving region of Western China, and maybe perceived as one of the greatest victories of the 1949 Socialist Revolution in China! Gone are the days of oppressive feudalism, torture and enslavement (inflicted upon the impoverished population by a clique of lamas). Indeed, when Ch’an Master Xu Yun (1840-1959) visited the area in the 1880’s, he was reduced to tears to witness the corrupt practises and routine meat-eating practised by these lamas in the name of the Buddha. Lamaism is a concoction of various strands of Buddhist thought, integrated with theistic religion and primitive tribal beliefs. As such, its approach to Buddhist practice often deviates widely from what would be considered correct Dharma in many schools. However, the ‘Lamaism’ as practised by the 14th Dalai Lama and his so-called ‘high lamas’ was political in nature and oppressive in reality, and probably should be distinguished from a mainstream Tibetan Buddhism that is very useful for millions of people both in Tibet and other areas of China, and which does not seek political domination. Tibet is part of China because over a thousand years ago, non-Buddhist Tibetans invaded Southwest China and combined the two kingdoms (this is why millions of Tibetans still live peacefully in Sichuan and Yunnan today). Tibetans converted to Buddhism only after these events, but when the Chinese people re-asserted control of Southwest China, Tibet by that time was fully integrated with the Chinese Mainland. Therefore, Tibet is part of China not because the Chinese invaded Tibet in the 20th century (an event that never happened), but because a highly militaristic Tibet invaded China around the 9th century CE!  Furthermore, whilst Tibet was under Imperial Chinese rule the West said nothing. When Tibet was under Nationalist Chinese rule (1911-1949) the West said nothing (primarily because the Nationalists were pro-capitalist), but it has been only whilst Tibet has been under Communist rule since 1949 that the West has taken exception (due to its anti-capitalist policy). Bear in mind that the 14th Dalai Lama, although fraternising with Nazi war criminals before, during and after WWII, was courted by the new Beijing government between 1949 – 1959 – at exactly the same time that he had made contact with CIA agents dropped into the region by the US. Beijing stated that serfdom and torture had to end, and the Tibetan people had to be educated and taught about modern science. practising Buddhism was fine, but politicised ‘Lamaism’ would be abandoned as being out of date (as well as not being genuine Buddhism). The 14th Dalai Lama would have retained his position in Tibet if he had co-operated with this new modernisation plan. The CIA made a counter-offer to the 14th Dalai Lama which involved him keeping the Lamaistic system with him as ultimate monarch, providing he followed a rightwing, fascistic agenda that kept the Tibetan people in a state of servitude and ignorance (much like the rightwing regimes propped-up by the US in South America), and openly supported the US Cold War effort against China whilst endorsing capitalism. History demonstrates that the 14th Dalai Lama took the CIA offer and rejected the welfare and development of the Tibetan people. This involved him authorising the arming and training of Tibetan Buddhist monks who had taken vows of non-violence and compassion toward all beings – another demonstration of the corruption inherent within Lamaism. When his plan was uncovered, it was the Tibetan Authorities who acted against him, with Beijing only reacting after receiving a request for help. The PLA was already in Tibet at the time (staffed by ethnic Tibetans), but received reinforcements from elsewhere due to the belief that Tibet was about to be militarily invaded by US forces. This operation was a disaster for the CIA which tried to cover its tracks by fabricating a counter-narrative which omitted its own presence in Tibet, and packaged the uprising it had concocted as a ‘freedom movement’ entirely formulated by Tibetans. This was followed by fictitious Hollywood films and a number of ‘Free Tibet’ movements all funded by the US government. The US has also manufactured a refugee crisis in Asia whereby Tibetans are ‘paid’ to congregate in various places, claiming persecution, etc. The reality is that modern Tibet is a thriving part of modern China that has no association with the corrupt and backward Tibet that was once ruled by the 14th Dalai Lama. Tibetan people are modern, well educated, and pursuing fulfilling lives. These modern people view movements such as the Pro-Tibetan Movement as being Eurocentric and racist in nature, with nothing to do with the reality of life in Tibet which booming under the auspices of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

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