India’s Embrace of (Eurocentric) Anti-China Racism and the Dalai Lama

Friends: 14th Dalai Lama (left) and Fascist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) invaded North-East India in late 1962 and successfully annexed a disputed geographical border area (set under the British imperialist rule of India), but which had been historically considered part of China. This was a consequence of India’s government siding with European racism and US imperialism in the Tibetan area of China. Following the CIA’s infiltration of the Tibetan area of Communist China – the 14th Dalai Lama – a man who had been personal friends with a number of Nazi German fugitives hiding-out in Tibet during WWII – took the side of Eurocentric racism and US imperialism, and despite being given every freedom and aspect of material support for the Tibet people – he allowed the CIA to mislead a large number of Buddhist monks (who had taken vows of non-violence) – and train these monastics in the use of fire-arms with the intention of murdering Tibetan governmental officials, any Tibetans who supported China, any Tibetans married to Chinese people (together with their ‘mixed race’ families), any and all Chinese officials, anyone with any association with China, or who held any leftwing political views. This CIA infiltration broke-out into overt violence in 1959 and was immediately put-down by the local Tibetan Authorities (who did not view the 14th Dalai Lama as the ‘leader’ of Tibet), and elements of the PLA (requested by the local Tibetan Authorities). By and large, ordinary Tibetans were not involved, and there was no popular support for the 14th Dalai Lama or his small group of dissident lamas. In fact, so unpopular was his antics that he had to leave the country (assisted by the CIA), being granted refugee status in a pro-Western India – that with US backing started agitating on the India-China border – trying to take land with the probable intention of invading China on behalf of the US (and re-establishing capitalist oppression in that country). Although India had gained its Independence from Britain in 1947 (where it became a highly oppressive ‘capitalist’ liberal democracy in its own right – riddle with crime, religious bigotry, caste discrimination and abject poverty) – its military structure (and its command and control system) remained distinctly ‘British’ for decades and was considered at the time to be a force to be recommend with. This is why the CIA made the mistake of entrusting the Indian Army with the objective of de-stabilising China and bringing-down its Communist System. As matters transpired, China’s PLA swept aside the Indian Army with a relative ease – attaining all its military objectives in around one month of military activity. The PLA suffered only 722 casualties – whilst the Indian Army suffered around 10,000 casualties (including those listed as ‘missing’). This humiliating defeat put an end to the CIA considering the use of the Indian Army as being a viable option for attacking Communist China. In the 1990’s, India signed a number of agreements with China ‘stabilising’ the disputed border region.

Generally speaking, Mao Zedong was against any war with India on the grounds that the ordinary Indian people (just like the ordinary Chinese people) had been the victims of Eurocentric racism and imperialism for centuries prior to Independence. The 1962 Sino-Indian War had to be fought not between the ordinary Chinese people and the ordinary Indian people (which collectively form substantial sections of the International Working Class) – but between the Chinese section of the proletariat (which had successfully ceased control of the means of production) and the Indian bourgeoisie which had took-over control of the governance of the Indian masses from the British – and had continued to pursue purely capitalist and regressive social, cultural, economic, religious, military and political objectives in the region. This still remains the situation today (with the exception of the successful Communist government in the Kerala area of South India, and leftist influences in one or two other areas), with millions of ordinary Indian people living in abject poverty. This situation went from dire to disastrous in 2016, when the rightwing and fascistic ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ (BJP) was elected to power in India. Like any liberal democracy, many working class people feel alienated from the bourgeois political system and therefore do not participate in it as a means of ‘resistance’ to it. This often results in the better educated bourgeoisie (who understand the power of the ‘vote’) continuously electing governments that represent their own – greed-orientated – class interests. The BJP added to all this bourgeois hypocrisy with their own particular brand of religious (i.e. ‘Brahmanic’) bigotry and caste discrimination. The BJP considers the wealth of the higher castes to be ‘god given’, and the poverty of the masses to also be ‘god give’ – so from the BJP perspective, India’s massive disparity in wealth (and grinding poverty) is perfectly natural and there is no need to alter it. Furthermore, the BJP very much associates itself with the Western ‘capitalist’ system and social inequality – which includes the embracing of racial hierarchies. This is why the BJP is a staunch ally of the US and has initiated a ‘new’ epoch of anti-China racism and pro-Tibetan antagonism. The official media of India is full of ‘fake’ anti-China stories that have taken-on a life of their own within Indian social media. I have been astonished (on more than one occasion). to witness intelligent Indian people that I know on social media – trumpeting BJP anti-China racism – and repeating news stories that are obviously ‘false’! Much of the anti-China film footage from these fake news stories is filmed in the US colony of Taiwan – where the Chinese language dialogue is different to that expected on the Mainland, the uniforms of the military are inaccurate, and the behaviour of the officials (or soldiers shown) is distinctly ‘non-Chinese’! Of course, lurking in the background to this nonsense is the duplicitous 14th Dalai Lama and his billionaire Hollywood chums – but I expected more from the ordinary Indian people.

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