On Being a True ‘Friend of China’


One of my academic specialities is understanding Mainland Chinese culture, and the numerous cultural habits of the Chinese diaspora. This ability is the product of attentiveness, experience, and life circumstance. In the West this includes writing in opposition to the Eurocentric racism through which a) China is perceived, and b) Chinese people are prejudged. This is a straightforward anti-racism policy, coupled with insightful observation. This narrative turns-back the anti-Chinese racism at its source, and does not allow it to take control and spread throughout society. It exposes the anti-China racism as a sham, whilst presenting instead, real glimpses into what it means to be ‘Chinese’. This presentation of ‘real’ China allow a correct image to be displayed in the West, that exists side by side with the distorted and racist image. In fact, this correct image ‘contends’ with its racist (and distorting) counterpart. Of course, the function I fulfil in the West has no point or purpose within Mainland China, as modern China is a vast and highly successful independent country pursuing a Socialist developmental trajectory. Generally speaking, the bourgeois and racist narratives used to misrepresent China in the West do not exist within the Chinese cultural milieu, and therefore are not a common problem on the Mainland. It is true, however, that Western anti-China racism is fully understood in China (after-all, the Chinese people were subjected to it for centuries prior to 1949), but it is discussed and explored very much as an academic subject within colleges and universities. Chinese students who intend to travel abroad are dialectically trained in preparation for receiving racist treatment in the West, and to properly understand its inverted and bourgeois origination. Nowadays, with China surging far ahead of the West in economic, scientific and technological development, Chinese people are calm minded, strong willed, and view racist ignorance more with pity rather than with fear. This is because it is understood that the ‘international’ working class, whether ‘Chinese’ or ‘Western’, shares exactly the same bourgeois oppression, and is a potential, progressive vehicle for any future Socialist Revolution (in the West). Western racists are generally ‘conditioned’ to be racist by their class over-lords. The answer to this is to reveal this truth and advocate the abandonment of this ‘false’ or ‘inverted’ consciousness, so that the proletariat can be the vanguard of all political transformation. My function in the West is to assist this proletariat transformation, and to do this from the position of working to expose, correct and eradicate all false (i.e. ‘inverted’ thinking) about China. I am well aware that this has no place within Mainland China – where the Revolution has already occurred, and the Chinese people are now in-charge of their own destiny. This is why I must state clearly that although I am deeply moved by the respectful and thoughtful attention I continue to receive from various individuals in China (and throughout the Chinese diaspora), my work supporting China in the West does not require any need for me to ‘visit’ Mainland China, attend academic seminars or personally view the many beautiful sights and scenes that this remarkable country has to offer. The kindness of many of these offers has often left me speechless (particularly as many selfless individuals and groups have offered to finance my trips), but as I have said as gently as possible many times before, my work is not unique (with the right training anyone can do it), and as an academic function it is dependent upon countering Western trends of racism and misrepresentation, and so has no functionality within China itself. Inshort, my presence is not required in China, and I would rather the anti-China racism that I tirelessly work to expose, did not exist at all, and that Chinese people were not subject to it. I think this is what a true friend of China is.

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