Tory’s Two Child ‘Rape’ Policy for Britain’s Poor


Since 2010, the righting Tories (assisted nationally and locally by the Liberal Democrats), have used the excuse of the mishandling of economy by the bankers (and the subsequent loss of billions of pounds as a consequence), to initiate and rage a ruthless ideologically-led attack on Britain’s working class, and the poorest elements of it. The NHS has been privatised and sold-off, and the Welfare System has been dismantled. This ‘slash and burn’ mentality has also been applied to the police, Local Councils and Social Services, with the harvested money simply being ‘given’ to the greedy bankers and their big corporate supporters. The profit margins of the rich have been secured – whilst people with disabilities have died in their thousands – a fact acknowledged by the United Nations (UN) in 2016, when the Tory (and LibDem) government was found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

Benefits that were once ‘universal’ (such as Child Benefit), have been cut (alongside ‘Maternity Grants’), effectively limiting working class people to having just ‘two’ children. As matters stand, a small amount of Child Benefit is paid by the State for the first child, and a smaller amount for the second child – whilst any subsequent child receives ‘NO’ benefit payment whatsoever. Whereas rich people view Child Benefit as something of a ‘quaint’ joke (saving it up for months on end, for a single shopping spree at Hamleys), ordinary people have no other option than to try and live on this small payment. Now, this odious Tory government has issued guidelines stating that a woman with more than ‘two’ children must ‘prove’ that she was ‘raped’ for the pregnancies of children from number three upwards – and not be in regular contact with, or living near ‘the rapist’. If a woman can prove that every pregnancy after the 2nd child was the result of being ‘raped’, then the Tory government will grant those children a small amount of benefit to keep starvation at bay.

Government under fire over new child tax credit form for rape victims

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