May Mimicking Major at Lords!


Pakistan’s Batsman-Wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed scored 105

After a day of house-cleaning and shifting heavy objects from one place to another,I sat down in front of the TV to watch something relaxing.  Channel 5 – a station I seldom watch – was showing the highlights of the 2nd One Day Internationals between England and Pakistan, and I had the good fortune to witness Pakistan’s Batsman-Wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed hit a magnificent century!  However, what I was not prepared for was the disturbing sight of Geoffrey Boycott filmed at a distance (in an obviously ‘contrived’ TV shoot) laughing and joking with the current unelected Tory prime minister of the UK – Theresa May.  It is appalling to consider that as people continue to die of starvation, lack of benefits, and lack of NHS care due entirely to the ideologically-led Tory cuts, a ‘prime minister’ would have the bad taste to be seen in public at a Lords cricket match – laughing and joking a if nothing bad was happening to the British people!  This reminds me of that other ‘unelected’ Tory prime minister – John Major – who was also glad to be seen to attend cricket matches whilst the UK wheeled from a decade of Tory economic mismanagement.  John Major (who was born in St Helier Hospital now ear-marked to be ‘closed’ by the Tories) won the 1992 general election simply because Labour under Neil Kinnock was not able to capitalise upon the chaos.  Labour was far more united and cohesive then, than it is today, with rightwing Blairites attempting to rip-out its Socialist heart, and finish the job Tony Blair started.  Today, ‘current’ Labour is in disarray, and yet again failing to make hay whilst the sun shines.  the Tories are ideologically dead in the water, and are simply continuing the destructive ‘austerity’ policies set in place by the Tory David Cameron, and the LibDem Nick Clegg.  The Tory government has been found guilty of Crimes Against Humanities by the United Nations for the manner in which it initiated wide-spread cuts in benefits, and how this policy led to the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people.  Furthermore, to placate the racist UKIP and its far-rightwing membership, Cameron promised an EU Referendum at the 2015 general election – which his ‘stay’ vote eventually lost.  The Tories have nothing to offer than destructive policies for the majority of British people, and pointless tax-cuts for the rest. The Tories may well think that due to Labour’s own in-fighting, Theresa May will win the next election by ‘default’, and to do this, they are copying John Major’s style of an apparently relaxed exterior, whilst the Tory government carries-out the ruthless class-led politics of further enriching the middle classes at the perpetual expense of the workers, behind the scenes.  Needless to say, as I couldn’t stomach Geoffrey Boycott making a fool of himself infront of millions – I switched the channel over.

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