Puppies: New Comrades for Our Commune! (8.4.2023)

Two New Puppies Will Grow into Excellent Guard Dogs and Companions!

As our eldest daughter – Mei-an – passed ‘two’ 11+ Examinations (and earned her place at Nonsuch School for Girls) – the reward has been a ‘puppy’ to replace our German Shepherd Dog (Xena) who passed away from old age during the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, due to the economic down turn and many people attempting to shift the pets they bought during the ‘Lock Down’ – we were lucky enough to be put in touch with a reputable dog dealer who offered us (after references) two puppies for the price of one! As we are ‘Internationalists’ – we opted for two cross-breed dogs – the product of a Jack Russell Mum and a Yorkshire Terrier Dad! Mixed dogs tend to be stronger, cleverer and to live longer than so-called ‘pure’ or ‘pedigree’ breeds! These are two brothers born on February 10th, 2023 in Reading!

These dogs are eight weeks old and are (chipped) and weaned. The mother looked really tired and exhausted after carrying her pups, giving birth and then raising them! She needed a break and it is good that we are in position to pay the purchase (courtesy of Diane Wyles) and relieve her burden! The owner of the mother is a good woman who is very organised, clean, tidy and honest! She treated us with respect and good grace! The dogs are very happy and have obviously been very well looked after! We got up on Saturday morning and headed out in the car toward Reading at around 1030 am! We arrived somewhere on the outskirts of Reading around 1245 pm! We saw the mother and then we let our two daughters choose which dog they thought was the best for them! Kai-Lin – although only six years old – has performed excellently at school and passed all her tests and so she is rewarded for her good labour! The (larger) dark brown and black dog is called ‘Zain’ chosen by Kai-Lin) and the (smaller) brown and white dog is called ‘Basal’ (chosen by Mei-An and named after the Swiss Chapter of the First International represented by the ‘Red Triangle’ which was eventually used in the centre of the Socialist Flag of the Spanish Republic – 1936-1939 – and used to denote the ‘International Brigades’).

Many Thousands of Working-Class People Died Fighting Under this Flag!
The New Puppies Have Just Been Washed!