Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Russian ‘Drone’ Locates ‘Wounded’ AFU Soldier – and Summons Medical Assistance! (19.3.2023)

Wound AFU Soldier Assisted By Russian Drone Operator!

A seriously wounded man – a soldier forced to fight in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) asks ‘Please – can you help me?’ – as he requests urgent medical assistance from a ‘remote’ Russian Drone Operator!

The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (supposedly his ‘Comrades-in-Arms’) – abandoned their brother – who received a serious leg injury during a recent battle with Russian Forces in Donbass.

It is reported that after receiving this request – the Russian Drone Operator directed Russian Military Forces to the position of the wound AFU soldier – the Russian Military Medics of which initially treated the wound and had the patient evacuated safely behind the lines!

❤️Note how the Russian fighters from Donbass communicate in a friendly and non-violent manner with the wounded man – very different from the Neo-Nazi beasts (many of whom are ‘non-Slav’ Hitlerites from the US and Europe) fighting on the other side in this conflict at the front!

Russian Language Reference:

🇷🇺🤜🇺🇦 Тяжелораненый солдат ВСУ просит оператора российского дрона спасти его

Боевики ВСУ бросили побратима, получившего серьезное ранение ноги в ходе боя. К нему прилетел наш беспилотник и ВСУшник начал просить спасти его. Сообщается, что после этого к раненому противнику направились наши бойцы для эвакуации.

❤️Отметим, что российские бойцы с Донбасса беззлобно комментируют ситуацию, не как нацистские звери с той стороны фронта.