Racist ‘CNN’ Claims ‘Vietnamese’ Mass Shooter from ‘China’! (24.1.2023)

White (Eurocentric) racism is not a ‘clever’ ideology at the best of times – but the sheer stupidity of US anti-intellectualism is the gift that just keeps on giving! The Catholic (Jesuit) Priests – via the agency of French imperialism and colonialism – systematically destroyed the use of Chinese ideograms during their 400-year (ruthless) occupation of Vietnam! Chinese ideograms were eventually replaced with the French version of the Roman-derived alphabet and this is why Vietnamese people today cannot read or write the Chinese script and communicate using only Western words and letters when writing! The transliteration of Vietnamese terms into the Western alphabet was decided by (White) Jesuit Priests who approximated ‘sounds’ and where it took their fancy – completely altered meaning and nuance, etc. Indeed, the destruction of the Chinese traditional script in Vietnam is an example of one of the most effective imperialist offensives in history! The (White) French imperialists destroyed a complete writing system as part of the process of psychologically and physically making it easier to subjugate an entire (non-White) ethnicity!

Whilst searching endless Chinese-language news articles in a bid to discover genuine facts of this case not tainted by Western racism – I could not find one single example of the name of the mass-killer – Huu Can Tran – being written in Chinese ideograms! This is typical of Vietnamese names – as they are written using the French alphabet from birth. The holders of these names generally do not know how to write their respective names using Chinese ideograms – unless they have carried-out specialist research. Furtermore, certain transliterations are well-known (if you happen to be Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese, etc) for only being held by people of the ‘Vietnamese’ ethnicity – and the name of ‘Tran’ is one such example. Indeed, ‘Tran’ is the Vietnamese way of spelling the Chinese surname ‘Chen’ (陳) – but at no time is the name of ‘Huu Can Tran’ spelled using Chinese ideograms in any Chinese-language article! For a start, the name is written back-to-front (yet another vestige left over from French imperialism in Vietnam)! It should probably read ‘Tran Huu Can’ – but has been altered to fit-in to the Western convention of placing the surname last.

The habitually ‘racist US ‘news’ broadcaster CNN claims (through a bizarre chain of events) that it has seen a document ‘proving’ Huu Can Tran is from ‘China’. Really? If this was the case, why was this ‘official’ document written in English, and if Huu Can Tran (an ethnic Vietnamese person) is from ‘China’ – as CNN claims – then why hasn’t CNN released the spelling of his name as it appears on the ‘official’ Chinese-language documents? If what CNN is saying is true – then why not provide the Chinese ideograms that spell ‘Huu Can Tran’? Could it be that the reason is because US racism – and the anti-intellectualism that produces it – is so stupid that it hasn’t quite thought this anti-China (racist) offensive properly – but has just galloped-off following the White Supremacist far-right (that is busy providing ‘Volunteers’ for the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians) with no thought of being caught-out by logical thinking and clear reasoning! The rest of CNN’s coverage about Huu Can Tran is the usual ‘Lone Nutter’ narrative that the Bourgeois system resorts to every time it feels threatened or challenged in some way by ‘non-White’ individuals!

Perhaps the most shameful official document proving the CNN assertions wrong is the ‘Naturalization Certificate’ issued by the US government to Huu Can Tran dated ‘13.6.1990’ – which has Huu Can Tran’s ‘Place of Birth’ being clearly marked as ‘Vietnam’: