Fighting ‘Capitalism’ in Russia and the Ukraine! (22.11.2022)

Badge of the Privately Fund (Russian) ‘Wagner Group’!

The trick is to find legitimate and relevant news from the Donbass theatre that is not linked to the corrupt (capitalist) accumulation of funds! Don’t forget, we, as Communists, are fighting the corruption of capitalism (in both Russia and Ukraine) just as much as we are supporting the Russian fight against Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine (and surrounding environs) – regardless of the often spurious nature of that resistance!

When Russian language Telegram Channels stop reporting the material facts and start broadcasting the same level of racist, homophobic and general bourgeois disinformation (including the supposed raising of funds for the ‘War Effort’) – it is clear the Proletariat is being lied to! What level of legitimacy does a government possess (elected or otherwise) that demands the ordinary people finance a geo-political war (that is already taking the lives of their manfolk) directly from their own pocket?

It is as if the entire Russian people now live in a Concentration Camp administered by the International (Capitalist) System of Liberal Democracy! This is exactly the same System which has financed the Neo-Nazi System in the Ukraine whilst financing coffins in Russia! This is the crazy world of (racist) predatory capitalism the world inhabits and the working class remains trapped within.

After all, our only choices are between Russian and Ukrainian racism – that is ‘degrees of racism’ – and is no choice at all! I bet Hitler is laughing in his grave when he heard the Russians have a privately funded military Unit named after his favourite composer – the rabidly racist Richard Wagner (the badge of which features a ‘Skull’ mimicking the ‘Skulls used in many of the Nazi German ‘SS’ insignia – embraced by four double-crosses representing the Russian Orthodox Church – the four examples of which imply the spread of the ROC in all directions)! Whilst Neo-Nazi Ukraine is supported by the Catholic Church – modern (capitalist) Russian – has more in common with its American counterpart (as both are currently administered by the Bourgeois) than it does with the (Socialist) Soviet Union! Today’s argument is nothing more than a spat between two branches of the ruling Bourgeoisie over whose interpretation of history (and present model of modernity) will donate in the Ukraine. Once again, in true oppressive style, it is the minds and bodies of the working class that are used as the fuel to power this exploitative process.✊✊✊