The War on Truth! (11.11.2022)

The ‘Red Wave’!

Normally, I severely chastise ALL Americans at the point of first contact – assuming their usual Eurocentric anti-intellectualism is firing on all cylinders! It is up to these individuals to prove otherwise – if they can – and obviously most fail to do this. They fail as a species because they lack the cultural ability to correctly objectivise their own ethnocentric predicament. The gentleman above, however, is incredibly clever and I suspect many of his countrymen will perceive only what they think he is saying! Only the political rightwing in the US would be stupid enough to refer to its own political support as being a ‘Red Wave’! A genuine Red Wave would involve a massive movement of the empowered Workers who have thrown off the shackles of capitalist oppression and the false consciousness that keeps it artificially in place!