Falun Gong Fu – Does It Work in Combat? (22.9.2022)

Li Hongzhi Thinks He’s Bruce Lee!

Dear Falun Gong Cult Practitioners!

As Li Hongzhi is your ‘new’ God – we are told that he possesses the power to ‘protect’ all his followers during every possible situation on earth!

1) As this is the case, would you be so kind as to provide the name and addresses of all your supporters living within Mainland China? This would be a very good ‘test’ of his powers as he would make his followers ‘invisible’ to the laws they are breaking! 

2) Does Li Hongzhi’s use of the Indian Swastika equal that of Nazi Germany?

3) Our next question concerns the ‘Falun Gong Fu’ style which the Ming Hui is spreading around through martial arts manuals! Is this the only version of it?

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4) These movements appear disjointed and out of order. Is this to hide their true power? We remain unconvinced that this martial arts system will work in actual combat – after-all – most of it involves US born Chinese or misled Taiwanese ‘actors’ lying on the floor and covering their hands and feet in tomato source! 

5) We are told that this style is called ‘Ming Hui’ (明慧) or ‘Bright Wisdom’ Fist (拳) – is this correct?

Let’s work together to bring this madness down for the betterment of humanity!

Yours Sincerely

CIA – Ethnic Monitoring Unit