Four Raptors Released to Nature After Recovery in NorthWest China’s Qinghai Region! (3.9.2022)

(ECNS) — One black kite and three upland buzzards have been released to nature in Qilian County, Haibei Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, said the Provincial Administration of Qilian Mountain National Park on Friday.

The four second-class protected animals in China were saved by workers at the rescue and breeding center of the park in August 2022.

Wings of the black kite and one upland buzzard were injured and the other two upland buzzard suffered no obvious injuries when they were found. All of them were very feeble and unable to fly.

After medical treatment and careful feeding, the four raptors recovered well with good appetite.

They were released to the wild with arbor forests where there is enough food source.

This is the first release of rescue and breeding center for wild birds in Qilian Mountain National Park, which has helped 21 wild animals since its opening in July 2022.

2022-09-02 Editor:Zhang Dongfang