USSR: Colour Newsreels: Major Martin Manhoff – Spring-Summer (1953)! (17.5.2022)

Colour Newsreels – Moscow. Spring-Summer 1953.
Lost Video of the Funeral of Joseph Stalin – Filmed on Camera by Assistant US Military Attache Major Martin Manhoff – from the Balcony of the US Embassy.

Two lost videos of a great country in mourning for one of the greatest working-class leaders the International working-class has ever possessed! The coffin of Joseph Stalin is being carried during his funeral to be laid to rest next to VI Lenin! – filmed by US (Major) Martin Manhoff (1953). Manhoff worked for the US government and was no friend of the Soviet people – he was expelled for ‘spying’ in 1954! However, his photographs and videos are now a very interesting ‘record’ of events from that time! Although gathered for US ‘intelligence’ reasons – much of the Archive appears ‘informal’ and obviously happening with the knowledge of the Russian participants involved. Again, remember not to fall into the ‘trap’ of US anti-intellectualism when considering the historical purpose and reality of this footage. I suspect Manhoff handed-over the best quality prints and footage to his US controllers – whilst the rest he kept for himself. Furthermore, Manhoff was active as the US’s disastrous involvement in the Korean War was coming to an end!

Revealed to the world by the Manhoff family in 2016 (a family which carries a ‘German’ name) – at the same time that the Obama Administration was propagating Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – the Manhoff family decided to release this ‘Archive’ through the (racist) US ‘Liberty’ Radio and its ‘Russian’ alternative (headquartered in ‘Prague’) ‘Current Time’ Radio – both of which pursue a ‘White’ and ‘anti-Socialist’ agenda! Joseph Stalin was ‘voted’ into the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on a number of occasions! Stalin’s death was perceived with a sense of personal grief – not only in the USSR – but throughout much of the world!

Цветные кинохроники Москвы. Весна-лето 1953 года.

Потерянное видео похорон Сталина, снятое майором США (Мартин Манхофф, 1953 год)

В то время, смерть Сталина воспринимали как личное горе

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