America Plays the Same Old Game in the Ukraine! 

The US is playing the same old game with the Ukraine. Blatant NATO aggression is being presented to the huddling masses as ‘self-defence’ as once again America places its military forces on the border of Russia (or lands that constitute Russian interests). This was exactly the situation post-1945 where highly-aggressive Western military forces were kept on the very edges of the borders of countries which had achieved ‘liberation’ – not only from the influence of Nazi Germany and home-grown fascist movements – but also the Western-enforced bourgeoise (liberal) democracy and its ruthless economic system of predatory capitalism that West Germany, South Korea, Taiwan and South Vietnam had to endure! US-style (anti-Socialist) predatory capitalism also became the norm for a re-constructing Western Europe. Admittedly, the Soviet Red Army had been instrumental in this radical and dramatic change in social functioning and progressive evolutionary shift throughout Eastern Europe – but the local people themselves soon took responsibility for their own defence and saw that the oppression associated with ‘capitalist’ Nazi Germany was replaced with the protentional ‘oppression’ from the military forces (and political rhetoric) of the liberal democratic and capitalist countries of the West (led by the US). As a consequence, NATO military forces (often Commanded by ex-Nazi German officials and alleged ‘War Criminals’) – armed to the brim with the latest military technology that the capitalist mind could muster – were systematically and deliberately stationed all along the border that separated the capitalist West from the Socialist East. 

Young Neo-Nazis in West Ukraine Thank the US for Their Political ‘Freedom’!

Whilst this highly-aggressive NATO deployment was happening, US dictates were emanating from Washington informing all the American allies ‘what to think’ and ‘how to act’ with regards to the USSR. Of course, this pseudo-reality was anti-intellectual in nature and still is. Understanding this inversion of reality is the key to understanding current US policy with regards to modern (capitalist) Russia, and what is left of the Communist Bloc (Cuba, China, Vietnam, Laos and North Korea). This creates a nightmarish topsy-turvy reality which presents US aggression as ‘peace’ and Russian ‘peace’ as acts of ‘aggression’! America wants to generate and maintain the conditions whereby the bulk of the huddling masses throughout the West will passively sit-by and allow a highly-aggressive America to bomb a highly-peaceful Russia. This inversion of reality the Americans term ‘self-defence’. With at least a third of its MPs representing the Communist Party in the Russian Parliament, and given how and extra six million Russian men – women and children died between 1991-1999 due to the sudden withdrawal of the compassionate Socialist System – the thinking is that Russia could be on the brink of re-establishing the rise of the Communist Party and the replacement of liberal democracy (which favours the rich and the landed), with centralised democracy (which favours the workers). This suspicion is only strengthened by the fact that the Russian government will not allow a central bank controlled by the Rothschild corporation (which runs most if not all such banks around the world entirely from the self-interest of the United States. These banks are placed in a subordinate position to the US banking system and every policy and decision taken locally must reflect US self-interest and be in the service of the US banking system. This manifests as US neo-imperialism with regards to the subordinate countries populated by non-White people).  

The US, UK and EU Fully Support Neo-Nazism throughout Eastern Europe!

The default policies are those of aggression and racism toward any country that is not part of the international ‘capitalist’ banking system (which is controlled and maintained for the US government through the Rothschild corporation). The United States will risk going to war so as to destroy any opposition to this banking system it controls (as it did in ‘Socialist’ Iraq and Libya – with the latter being close at the time to launching a ‘new’ African currency that would have been in competition with the US dollar for dominance in Africa). Obviously, although it seems counter-intuitive, and given that the US was part of the allied coalition against the fascist Axis powers during part of WWII (1941-1945) – it is also true that the US needs to by-pass and obscure the further historical reality that the USSR was an ally of the US during WWII and it was the Soviet Red Army that carried-out the bulk of the fighting (and dying) against the Axis powers – certainly far more than did the US. This is why the US has embarked upon a policy of embracing, encouraging and militarily assisting various neo-Nazi movements throughout Eastern Europe because such movement are inherently ‘anti-Russian’. This racist attitude stems from Hitler’s berating of the Bolsheviks in particular, and the Russians in general, as being the spawn of a Jewish-influenced and corrupted race of people that should be purged from the face of the earth and their land used to re-settle and re-home ‘pure’ ethnic Germans. This is the ideology of the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi Junta that (Black) US President Barack Obama illegally manipulated into power (overthrowing the democratically elected government) during early 2014 within the geographical area that constitutes Western Ukraine.  

The ethnic Russian population of East Ukraine banded together to ‘resist’ this new US-led neo-Nazi threat – with the memory of the 41 million killed in the USSR between 1941-1945 by the forces of German Nazism first time around! This is how the various ‘People’s Republics’ came into being, with each assuming a historical link with the USSR and modern Russia. The Communist Parties of Donetsk and Lugansk have survived – supported by the Communist Party of Russia. These are the political entities that underlie the ‘People’s Republic of Lugansk’ (LNR) and the People’s Republic of Donetsk’ (DNR). There were others such as that in Odessa – but this was over-run early in the take-over and its people enslaved! The resistance to this US-led neo-Nazi insurgency into territory directly influenced and controlled by Russia has been countered by an indigenous ‘Socialist-led’ uprising of the people who have flocked to the military and civic banners to protect their homelands from neo-Nazi dominance! This great effort has also been augmented by thousands of non-Russian volunteers from around the world and who run the risk of imprisonment by their own governments for what the US terms ‘terrorist’ activities! Of course, the US-led neo-Nazi insurgency into the Ukraine is being portrayed as ‘freedom fighting’ by the Western media (mimicking how the Nazi German press presented Hitler’s 1941 incursion and mass murder), with the home-grown ‘counter-neo-Nazi insurgency’ being falsely labelled ‘terrorism’! The capitalist West possesses no moral right to ‘invade’ the Ukraine and it is doubtful that such a war would be won by the West. It may be however, that the capitalist powers that be in the West do not care about any of this, but are merely attempting to plunge the world into a new conflict out of which they would make money. Do not support US aggression in the Ukraine – because such support is legitimising US-backed neo-Nazism! 

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