NHS and BMI – Dangerous (Fascistic) Health Fantasies! 

The Bourgeoisie Grow ‘Fat’ at the Expense of the Workers!
The Bourgeoisie Blame the Workers for the ‘Crimes’ of Capitalism!

Author’s Note: The bourgeoisie gain weight all the time as part of their collective absorption of the profit they steal from the labour performed by the working-class! Indeed, ‘weight-gain’ is a form of leisure creamed-off of the backs of the oppressed and suffering workers! The bourgeoisie gain weight because they are decadent, selfish and ignorant. The working-class, however, collectively never live long enough to gain this type of ‘opulent’ weight due to the terrible psychological and physical conditions the bourgeoisie force them to live within! Where weight is gained it is invariable ‘genetic’, ‘epigenetic’ (as seen in Holland from the great starvations of WWII), and the product of ‘poor diet’ – or the exact opposite of the opulence enjoyed by the bourgeoisie! Whether carrying extra weight or not – the average worker must continue the hellish process of dragging their physical body through the wringer that is the daily grind of living within bourgeois (capitalist) society! Cheap, poor-quality food is often ladened with empty calories that are stored as fat but give minimum nutritional value to the consumer. This is all very different to the table of the bourgeoisie which routinely fields the best quality food that money can buy! The bourgeoisie are ‘plump’ because of their income and natural dominance of society. As the bourgeoisie controls the means of production – the bourgeoisie also controls the quality of the food that passes across our tables. The bourgeoisie steal the best food for themselves and divert the worst food to the working-class (this food is about the same quality as the food the bourgeoisie feed their pet animals). The bourgeoisie controls the NHS even though the working-class collectively pays for it. To limit access to the ‘free at use’ medical services, the bourgeoisie employ a typical ‘sleight of hand’ and blame the working-class for the poor quality of food they make it eat – suggesting that it is a matter of ‘choice’ and that each individual has ‘wilfully’ chosen to eat the wrong kind food and ‘got fat’ as a consequence! This inverted lie missing-out all of the above exposure of what defines bourgeois (capitalist) society! Exerting themselves through hours of physical toil whilst having to eat poor quality food creates the conditions for what should be called ‘exploitative’ weight-gain! It is the bourgeoisie that is to blame – and the corrupt ‘capitalist’ system – and never the working-class individuals seeking treatment themselves! The bourgeoise use of the BMI Scale to control the NHS is ‘criminal’ in the extreme and needs to be judiciously challenged! (30.12.2021) 

The Working-Class Need Protection from the ‘Excesses’ of Capitalism!

Almost from her election as prime minister in the UK in 1979, Thatcher began her attack upon the NHS so that its 1948 founding principle of ‘care before cost’ was inverted so as to represent ‘cost before care’. The NHS is funded through direct taxation so that the numerically superior members of the British working-class foot the bill for its wages, property, training and operation. Indeed, so much money is collected annually in this manner that the NHS should provide top-notch medical care to every man, woman and child from the cradle to grave – but it does not. Why is this the case? It is because every Tory, LibDem and Labour government since 1979 has deliberately interfered with the flow of money into the NHS creating an entirely ‘false’ crisis of funding! Whilst the National Insurance pot is bursting at the seams with unspent tax revenue, subsequent British governments have continued to follow US and EU edicts to ‘privatise’ the NHS so that medical treatment provided free at the point of use – is replaced with a US-system of insurance-led payment at the point of use. The Tory-LibDems Coalition removed the final barrier to this privatisation process in 2012 when they abolished the legal requirement for the NHS to provide adequate medical care to each individual seeking treatment – as the private health companies had protested about this requirement stating that they could not ‘compete’ with one another if patients had the ‘legal right’ to be treated. Whereas the NHS can be sued for medical negligence and malpractice (because the general public owns it), the private health companies cannot so easily be pursued through the Courts at the public’s expense.  

The Bodies of the Working-Class Are Destroyed by Capitalist Toil!

GPs, Consultants and other senior health professionals working within the modern NHS are trained to withhold ‘free’ care and pressure desperately ill individuals into ‘paying’ for the treatment they need. Yes – these healthcare professionals – whilst receiving hundreds of thousands in working-class tax revenue – openly collaborate against the best interests of the working-class, and are in cahoots with the private health mongers and their deficient systems of treatments. After-all, this is a demonstration of bourgeois class solidarity. The often-deadly game played today by NHS senior staff is that of ‘hide the treatment’! The point is to channel disparate working-class individuals into the ‘paid’ stream of NHS services, and away from what is left of the ‘free’ stream of services. I suspect that a Whitehall bureaucrat was tasked with coming-up with blaming each individual for the state of their health as a credible reason for ‘not treating’ them. Prior to 2012, this would have been illegal, but it was still happening even then. This attitude of compromising the ‘privacy’ and ‘dignity’ of each working-class person seeking treatment began with Thatcher in 1979. Although blaming an individual’s lifestyle for their medical ailments – AND using this as a ‘reason’ for not allowing access to adequate treatment has become common-place in the NHS (as you have only got yourself to blame for your illness, etc), a completely different picture is painted by the private health systems that exist only to cater to the decadence of the bourgeoisie. Could you imagine a morbidly obese Winston Churchill hobbling supported by walking-sticks into his private health clinic in Whitehall and the doctor on duty blaming all his ailments upon his lifestyle? Of course not, eating good food, smoking good cigars and putting on weight due to intellectual labour triumphing over the need to perform physical labour (and stay ‘slim’) are all definite bourgeois signs of affluence, class dominance and success within a predatory capitalist society! 

Communist Futurism Will Save Humanity! Yes Myakovsky!

So, why does the bourgeois-controlled NHS demand every working-class adult, (regardless of age, gender, status or stature), keep themselves as fit and as slim as the average 18-year-old teenager? Could it be that this is the fantasy that the bourgeoise pursues regarding the working-class that it thinks it dominates? Could it be that a fit 18-year-old worker is in the optimum state to meet the maximum physical output of potential exploitation that the bourgeoisie might require? This is nothing but a fascistic and thoroughly unnatural tendency in the thinking of the modern NHS. As people ‘age’ and experience life – their minds and bodies inevitably ‘change’ and it is the height of folly to state that the accessing of NHS ‘free’ treatment should be limited to all those (regardless of age and health) who meet this absurd, unhealthy and menacing standard! Lurking in the background to this ‘bourgeois at play’ decadence is that height of racial fantasy known today as the ‘Body Mass Index’ (BMI) and it is to this that I shall now turn my heavy proletariat guns.  

Industry Destroys the Mental & Physical Health of the Workers!

The entire notion of the ‘BMI’ is a fascist and racist notion invented by a ‘White’, right-wing ‘Belgian’ man in the mid 1800s. Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet (1796-1874) was an ‘astronomer’ and not a ‘medical’ doctor. He was also a mathematician, statistician and sociologist who founded and directed the Brussels Observatory. He believed that the perfection of the ‘White’, Western European race could be captured in, and limited to – ‘statistics.’ His theory of the ‘Body Mass Index’ takes the average 18-year-old ‘White’ male who happened to represent a statistical cross-section of Belgian society. He developed this ridiculous attempt of classifying a ‘superior’ race at some point between 1830-1850 within his ongoing work concerning ‘Social Physics,’. Originally, this scale was known as the ‘Quetelet Index’ and has been used by Nazi Germany right-wing US States and Apartheid South Africa to define a perfect ‘White’ male and to distinguish this entity once defined from members of every other ‘different’ race! Of course, what is missing in this scale is the recognition that size, shape, health and longevity of the members of each society shifts considerably from one generation to the next, as society becomes enriched or impoverished, ravaged by famine and drought, or war and peace, etc. Body-shape and size also changes regarding changes in medical and dietary knowledge, not to mention cultural shifts in belief, morality and social norms, etc. The average 18-year-old ‘White’ male in 1840s Belgium has no bearing on any other society other than 1840s Belgium!  

Capitalism Destroys the Health of the Workers!

The BMI Scale, however, is used by the modern NHS and is applied to all members of British society attempting to access ‘free’ treatment and its purpose is to ‘prevent’ this access at the attempted point of entry. I suspect that a Whitehall minion in the 1980s earned their tax-free bonus by inventing this delaying tactic knowing full well that the majority of modern British people (male and female, Black, White or Asian) will fail this test as none of us are an 18-year-old ‘White’ male from 1840s Belgium! Bear in mind that the UK is a multicultural society so that a fake BMI Scale designed for a very small sample of young, fit, ‘White’ working-class or middle-class Belgian males does not (and cannot) apply to any ‘women’ (White or otherwise), or anyone – male or female – from Black, Indian, Chinese of Hispanic ethnicities, etc. The NHS denies access to treatment when a patient ‘fails’ the BMI Scale and links all further consideration for treatment to ‘losing weight’ in some distant future point (usually unspecified). Not only is this fascistic and racist, but I also suspect a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ as the working-class individuals who foot the bill for the NHS (and pay the bourgeois managers that are oppressing us their high wages) are ‘refused’ treatment and sent away to continue to suffer from often painful and life-threatening illnesses, injuries and ailments! This is a shocking use of public money and a terrible perversion of the original intention of the NHS! The NHS has become compromised by the fascistic bourgeoisie in the UK which is using it as their personal plaything! All this rot needs to be halted and reversed. Government officials and high-ranking NHS staff6 should be tried for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and the NHS must be returned to its 1948 ‘pristine’ state where even TCM was available free of charge until Churchill introduced Prescription Charges (to discourage the use of the NHS by the working-class) in the early 1950s – and a Tory government ‘removed’ TCM in the 1960s. 

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