Neo-Nazi Ukraine and its ‘Fake’ Orthodox Church! (2019)

Ukrainian Kiev Fascist Church ‘Blesses’ Neo-Nazi Soldiers!

‘In the opinion of Nikolai Lisovoy – a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Deputy Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society – stated in early July 2008: “Since 1917, the Church of Constantinople has been trying to work against Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. Today, it works together with NATO to separate Ukraine from Russia.”’ 

Ukrainian Kiev Church Supports Commemoration of Nazi German Occupation!

In 2014, the US (under President Obama) facilitated an illegal overthrow of the democratically elected government of the Ukraine. This government was pro-Russia and favourable toward Socialistic policies that opposed the machinations of the European Union (EU). The Ukraine – a major and important area of the former USSR – acted as a bulwark of defence against the encroachment of the EU and NATO upon the borders of Western Russia. To remedy this ‘lack of access’ – the US armed, trained and politically supported the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ junta as its armed thugs erupted out of their hide-outs all over the Ukraine – bringing death and destruction to all ordinary and right-minded Ukrainians! Although this neo-Nazi movement had a historical presence within Western Ukraine (a vestige of the brutal Nazi German Occupation in the early 1940s), the Central and Eastern parts of Ukraine (including its many Orthodox Churches) remained not only loyal to Russia, but also supportive to Socialist ideology. 

Ukrainian Kiev Church ‘Priest’ Visiting His Neo-Nazi Flock!

As a consequence, a number of People’s Republics were formed to counter this neo-Nazi juggernaut in Odessa, Lugansk and Donetsk. Thousands of local Ukrainians – many encouraged by their Orthodox Christian faith – volunteered for the various poorly armed People’s Militias which put-up an impressive fight. Despite this ‘resistance’ to neo-Nazism, the People’s Republic of Odessa was over-run with the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ troops committing all kinds of brutal atrocities (reminiscent of the Nazi Germans). The Socialist resistance to this ‘godless’ neo-Nazi offensive stabilised around Lugansk and Donetsk with both Republics receiving humanitarian aid from the Communist Parties of Russia and China. The Russian Orthodox Church fully supported the people of the Crimea as they voted to ‘return’ their sovereignty to the Motherland – and gave spiritual support to the Eastern Ukrainians in their righteous fight against the US and EU-backed neo-Nazi offensive. 

Ukraine Kiev Church – Neo-Nazi ‘Priest’!

As a certain number of corrupt Christian priests openly supported the neo-Nazi cause in 2014, they agitated for four years to have their neo-Nazi-friendly version of Orthodox Christianity formally recognised as being ‘independent’ of the left-leaning Russian Orthodox Church. In January, 2019, the Constantinople Orthodox Church (operating out of Turkey) – and probably following US dictates – issued a decree acknowledging the ‘Orthodox Ukrainian Church’ as being centred in ‘Kiev’ and ‘independent’ of the Russian Orthodox Church. Constantinople Orthodox Church, although technically claiming a debatable ancient history, has behaved problematically for decades. During September 1872, for instance, the Russian Orthodox Church condemned the Church of Constantinople as being a schismatic Bulgarian exarchate created by the Ottoman Porte. As a consequence, the Russian Orthodox Church has never acknowledged the Constantinople Orthodox Church as possessing any spiritual or temporal authority. The political orientation of this Church can be assessed by its membership. It currently possesses 5,255,000 believers, including 2,800,000 (over half) residing in United States of America – with others living in and around Turkey. This Church also possesses twenty monasteries in the US as well as thirty-two functioning on Mount Athos (in Greece)! 

Ukraine Kiev Church – Neo-Nazi Sunday School!

During the years of the USSR, the Constantinople Orthodox Church was vocally anti-Socialist, pro-capitalist and between 1922-1945 – openly pro-fascist. The Constantinople Orthodox Church has continued this tradition of supporting the political far-right by interfering in Russian and Ukrainian internal politics. By recognising the Ukrainian Church in Kiev as ‘independent’, the Constantinople Orthodox Church has openly stepped-out into the light of day openly supporting ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazism in an act that has no spiritual or temporal authority. Despite this, the Kiev Church is acknowledged by the Orthodox Churches of Constantinople, Alexandria, Cyprus and Greece. It claims to represent the entirety of the Ukraine territory but has no power in the East. The Kiev Church claims to represent the external territories of Belgorod-Oboyansk Diocese (Russia), Valuyskoe Vicariate, Bogorodsk diocese (Russia) Diocese of Korsun (Western Europe), Vicariate in the United States and Canada (United States and Canada) and the Mission of St. Judah in Japan (Japan). This reads like a historical assessment of US neo-imperialism and demonstrates the pro-capitalist and anti-religious attitude of this anti-Church in the service of neo-Nazism!  

Ukrainian Kiev Church Teaches the Nazi Germans Were ‘Saviours’…

Russian Language References:Константинопольская_православная_церковьПравославная_церковь_Украины

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