NHS Privatisation & Children’s Health

It beggars belief that a young child would be allowed to ‘suffer’ in this manner just so a partly privatised NHS surgery could save itself the expense of a referral. Not only this, but if a child really did contract twelve different illnesses in this timespan, it is unlikely that he or she would survive! Doctors who get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds each year of taxpayer’s money (whilst actively co-operating with the privatisation process) should remember the cardinal rule – ‘Do no harm!’

On Why I Am Not Afraid of Death

That is pain, which seems to be a very important issue for human beings. As for myself, I am certainly not immune to pain, but am not interested in it. Yes pain happens from time to time, but as it is passing, I am aware that it is not permanent. In this respect I am lucky because many people suffer all the time and never have a break from the experience. I would say that life is mostly a neutral experience with outbreaks of pleasure and pain from time to time.