Book Review: Revolution’s End – The Patty Hearst Kidnapping, Mind Control, and the Secret History of Donald Defreeze and the SLA – By Brad Schreiber (28.12.2021)

A Masterpiece of Left-wing Journalism!

This book is excellent on many fronts and gains its revealing data from the 2006-onwards Wikileaks project initiated by Julian Assange! Wikileaks inconveniences the US government and its allies by revealing ALL the political lies cultivated since 1945, perpetuated in the name of protecting and strengthening White (capitalist) hegemony. Not only were many Black radical movements fabrications of the White Authorities (designed to ‘smoke-out genuine ‘Maoists’), but it is clear that the only ‘massacre’ or ‘genocide’ that occurred in Kampuchea in the mid to late 1970s was that committed by the US military and the CIA – carried-out through the latter’s infamous ‘Phoenix Program’ of mass-murder! Although ’embarrassed’, the White Establishment will not alter the historical record to reflect this ‘new’ knowledge that has appeared in the public domain. The duty to perform this historical ‘corrective’ falls upon each of us – the ordinary and progressive working-class.

This book concerns the formation of The United Federated Forces of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) [which was an American left-wing Black Power organization possibly founded by the CIA to undermine Black Solidarity and Black Consciousness – active between 1973-1975), and exposes how the clique of White, middle-class, Western European men who run America routinely commit atrocities against their own people, and how the US media continuously reports each atrocity as if it where an isolated incident and a one-off abhorrent event! This reality explains the treatment of non-White Americans and exposes why they are treated appallingly both inside and outside of US culture! This includes the ill treatment of the White working-class when it’s members threaten the development of independent thought!

Furthermore, I have always claimed that Pol Pot did (and the Khmer Rouge) DID NOT commit atrocities in Kampuchea, but that the Americans killed untold thousands in their pursuit of world domination throughout Asia! These VICTIMS OF CAPITALISM were then falsely presented to the world as being the victims of Communism! Fictional books were written such as the ludicrous ‘The Killing fields’ which was made into a Hollywood Movie depicting Asian people as sub-human morons with guns, whilst White, Western Europeans are portrayed as angelic saviours who unjustly ousted from the field of their despicable missionary work! The author reveals that the notorious CIA’s Phoenix Program murdered at least 100,000 men, women and children in South Vietnam expected of Communist sympathies and this is a conservative number! The CIA illegally ran the Phoenix Program out of Cambodia and Laos. If CIA operatives could murder ‘Communists’ just over the border in South Vietnam – why not continue that policy in Cambodia and Laos? Just as the US were illegally blanket-bombing Cambodia and US ground forces invading and killing people on the ground – I suspect that It is these remains that the current Cambodian government puts on display to entertain mostly (White) US tourists next to destroyed statues of Pol Pot!

Even more tellingly, I once attended an exhibition of the Nazi German ‘Holocaust’ held at London’s Imperial War Museum around 15 years ago (although nothing was mentioned of the 41 million killed in the USSR by the Nazi German, or the 60 million murdered by the Imperial Japanese in China between 1931-1945), but what was mentioned was that ‘far-left’ regimes such as Pol Pot in Kampuchea ‘also commit mass-murder and atrocities’ and that we cannot only blame the far-right! This message was backed-up by an alleged Kampuchean woman sat near a pile of skulls who claimed that somewhere in this pile was the head of her relative! All very emotive stuff and completely false and manipulative reporting! If the film clip is genuine (which cannot be assumed in these matters) then what the general public is deceptively being made to accept is the results of the illegal US blanket bombing of Kampuchea in an effort to commit genocide against its population because a great many of it wanted to follow a ‘Chinese’ path toward Socialism! Now, modern Cambodia follows the US path into the abyss of predatory capitalism – with White American men apparently paying their respects at the bone mounds before paying to have sex with children in nearby hotels!

Notes 1. Senator Ronald Reagan (throughout the 1960s and 1970s) was just as racist as Donald Trump but far cleverer in his approach of applying this warped mentality through the existing US System. Reagan never claimed to be opposing the powers at be in the US but rather always stated that his draconian policies were always conceived in support of the American status quo whilst removing all opposition to it. As a result, Raegan supported and strengthened the ‘White’ hegemony in the US by presenting the anti-racist policies of ALL Black Liberation Movements as being inspired by Beijing or Moscow, and if they succeeded, nothing less than a preparation for the militaries of foreign powers to invade the US! Raegan’s perspective was that these non-White people that were protesting about the injustices they faced every single day were nothing less than ‘Communist’ shock-troops – the enemy within that served as the first-wave of an invasion of a bizarre and alien power! This is how Raegan ‘dehumanised’ the non-White led and home-grown ‘Socialist’ Movements emerging from the US working-class! Raegan openly declared war upon the left-wing and ensured that non-White inmates suffering injustices and brutality in the California prison system could not achieve any beneficial change despite their best efforts. Raegan and his cronies ensured that troublesome Blacks were beaten by the prison guards or the White inmates, and were subjected to months of solitary confinement with their communication with the outside world stopped! If this did not work, the inmate would be ‘stabbed’ to death – a process that ended hundreds of lives without any revealing investigations. When Raegan became President in 1981 – all these far-right and racist policies mainstreamed and US fascism functioned at its full strength yet again!

Note 2. The author, I think in Chapter 3, appears to suggest that the USSR and China imprisoned the most people throughout the 1960s and 1970s – with California being third in the world – but this is incorrect not only according to declassified Soviet documents and inspections of Chinese prisons – but also according the UN statistics which suggest a vastly different reality. In fact, UN statistics prove that the US has imprisoned more of its population not only existentially but also historically than any other nation – including the USSR and China! Why the author would quote a CIA statistic as being ‘correct’ when the rest of his book is dedicated to debunking fake CIA documentation is a mystery. Whereas Lincoln ‘freed the slaves’ already living within civil society – he did not extend this emancipation to apply to inmates who were living in prisons – this is how the ‘White’ hegemony that controls the US continued the policy of enslaving Black people ‘behind the scenes’. Indeed, reliable study reveals that people living in the USSR and China had far more rights than those living in the capitalist West and that it was US anti-intellectualism and Cold War hysteria that suggested otherwise!

Note 3. It is important that we remain eternally vigilant against the infiltration of cults of Trotskyism and Scientology from the mainstream narrative (progressive or otherwise). Scientology perpetuates the myth that ‘Psychiatry’ is a pseudo-science premised upon the forced ‘conditioning’ of individuals to conform to the norms of any given society. Scientology, despite being the epitome of a brain-washing cult, teaches – through its videos – that the USSR and ‘Communist’ China are giant Concentration Camps forcing people to ‘unnaturally’ share everything they have so that all private property is dissolved into a non-descript mass! The claim is that Psychiatry is used for nefarious ends in support of the Socialist System! The author of this book does suggest that Black people were brain-washed by the US government (according to Wikileaks data) although Psychiatry is not needed to change how somebody thinks – as any Medieval torture manual will attest. The brutality of capitalism has already transformed the peasantry into the proletariat with racism further adding complications to the mix. Simply changing the living environment from conducive to overly oppressive can change the inner workings of the average mind without much further planning – but human nature being what it is, there will always be those who can retain their inner balance and meet each new environmental shift with equanimity. The (White) author seems to suggest that Donald Defreeze was not one of the latter.

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