Working-Class Dental Hygiene: When Cleaning Your Teeth is a Revolutionary Act!

Thatcher cut back NHS dentistry – but it was Blair’s New Labour that reduced it to the third world level it is at today and opened the door to widespread private health cover throughout the area. This left millions of ordinary people without regular dentistry checks and treatments, and reduced what was left of the NHS treatment to an absolute emergency level designed to relieve pain but not treat the sources of that pain (as that would require long-term and regular dentist care). But there is another issue here, Karl Marx wrote in Das Kapital entire sections about the devastating long-term physical and psychological effects of working in the exploitative capitalist system! He quotes one study after another meticulously laying out the diseases and how all this illness is directly related to working conditions within the exploitative capitalist system! The average workforce is comprised of adult and child workers as young as five – all working 16 hour plus shifts per day. Many are injured, maimed and killed. Those that survive are subject to debilitating mental and bodily dysfunction caused by exposure to a toxic and highly pressurised working environment that is designed to extract the greatest amount of labour per worker for the smallest investment in the health and general well-being of that worker! 

Workers dying are not a problem for the average employer as the high birth rate of the impoverished working-class ensures a reservoir of desperate replacements waiting in the wings! If ‘death’ can be treated as an occupational hazard, then why would employers (or their class) give a damn about the existential (or historical) health of each worker or their families? The answer is that they (the bourgeoisie) DO NOT care about the well-being of the working-class even though THEIR OWN reports into the matter continuously reveal the same truths from one generation to the next! Each generation of bourgeois controllers of society know full well the price the system that enriches them has on the minds and bodies of those who earn it for them – with each new generation burying and obscuring this evidence in support of their parasitic lifestyles. The bourgeoisie can do this because it controls the means of production, the political and education systems linked to that production, and the prevailing culture preserved within the society linked to that production.  

All things stem from those who controls the means of production and in the capitalist West, the working-class do not control it. The authors of the above article have broken ranks and have had to ‘re-prove’ all over again that the life of ordinary working-class people living within a predatory capitalist society is unjust. This continuous cycle of ‘proving’ extreme poverty and ill health and the response of ‘mock’ moral indignation is well-known today. Just this single offering allows a blinding light onto the ongoing suffering of the huddling masses excluded from the mainstream media and side-lined by a thoroughly corrupted political system. Quite often it comes down to working-class people having to empower themselves and take back important knowledge about health to their own families and social groups.  

The following strategy (and advice) will prevent heart-disease and poor mental health deriving from gum-disease! Gum-disease is linked to tooth-decay with both being the product of poor or non-existent dental hygiene practices. You (and your family) possess the ability and knowledge (through this article) to do something about it! Acquire new toothbrushes and toothpaste and at regular intervals and encourage one another to thoroughly brush the teeth top and bottom, front and back. Make sure the brush also makes contact with the gum area and the space between the gum and the insertion of each teeth. Many people also gargle with a mouthful of mouth-wash which must be swilled around the upper and lower gum area fully, and pushed between the teeth as well as generally around the teeth. It is also important to floss regularly by pulling a piece of thin, silken thread between each tooth as a means of removing plaque. When all of this is in place – then you should visit a dentist once every six months for a check-up on your dental health. As with everything, despite the lack of resources, the working-class is resilient and can find ways around existing shortcomings – even though those shortcomings should not exist! Taking action to better the individual and collective existence of the working-class is a positive, progressive and thoroughly Revolutionary activity! Do not be afraid to stand-up to the tyranny of the bourgeoisie! 

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