Email: Arthurian Course-Book and Tarot Deck (12.10.2015)

Dear Diane

Thank you for funding this study. As you know, my PhD is in Spiritual Metaphysics and alongside all my other academic duties – continuously expanding my knowledge in this area is a permanent requirement. The Arthurian Tarot Card Set has arrived! It has a large book that covers all the history of the Arthur legends from the earliest (in Wales, Cornwall and Glastonbury, etc). The authors (Caitlin and John Matthews) are from Oxford and weaved the Arthur legends into the Tarot Deck – so that each card has a traditional Tarot meaning and an Arthurian meaning – usually one that reflects, overlaps or supports the original meaning!

The artwork for each Arthurian Tarot Card has been created by Miranda Gray The book apparently is a comprehensive Arthurian Tarot Course which the authors have taught to groups and classes since the late 1980s (it was first published as a single book in 1990). I’ve known people in the past who travelled hundreds of miles to study subjects like this from teachers who truly understand the subject!



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