RIP: Lexi (2009-2021) We Love You!

Lexi Sat With Gee – 6-years-old – (2015)

We were visiting my parents in Torquay during the School Half-Term Holidays around the end of October, 2009. Present was myself, Gee, Liz and Sue-Ling. For some reason, nearly everyone in the house (and it was a big house) decided to go out and purchase a number of kittens! My mother – Diane Wyles – found an advert stating that a batch of kittens were available in Brixham – and off Gee, Liz and Sue-Ling went in the car! Brixham – like Torquay – is situated on the South Coast of Devon (Souhtwest of the UK) and is around 9 miles by roads. Depending upn traffic this journey takes around 30 minutes – 45 minutes.

Lexi (Right) and Her Brother ‘Willam’ (after the actor ‘William Defoe’) with Author – Casa de la Rosa Torquay (31.10.2009)

Around an hour later – they all came back holding three beautiful kittens – two boys (Pip and Willam) and one girl (the latter of which come to live with use in Sutton (London) – where she was named ‘Lexi’ by the ‘Collective’.

Lexi the Kitten Sits on Gee’s Shoulder at Her new Home in Sutton London!

She was shown the ropes by an older resident cat named ‘Fergi’ who looked after Lexi and taught her to avoid traffic when crossing the road! Although we lived in a cul-de-sac, our street (Westfield Road) was situated next to a very dangerous main road (St Dunstan’s Hill) where the traffic zooms up and down without much restraint. There used to be a ‘subway’ constructed under this road to assist members of the public to cross safely – but Sutton Council filled-in this facility around 2005 and instigated a new set button-operated of traffic-lights above ground – which does not help our cats traverse the area safely, etc. Hence ‘Fergi’s’ wisdom and experience upon this matter was crucial for Lexi’s ongoing well-being!

Lexi at 1-years-old (2010)

As a kitten she used run, jump and play, and then sit across my shoulders and sleep when she was tired and I was working on the computer! From day one, she got on very well with Xena – our (now deceased) German Shepherd dog. They would ‘play’ with one another in an often ‘irritating’ manner – but never hurt each other.

Kittens Chilling-Out Torquay (31.10.2009)

Regardless of where we lived – Lexi would always manage to navigate herself safely in and out of the building. This was a crucial skill as it meant we could trust not to wonder off out of desperation seeking-out food and shelter! Instead, Lexi was very loyal to us – we to her. Lexiwas also very gentle and persevering with our young children!

Lexi Would Always Find Gee!

Even when we took her back to Torquay (after she was used to living in South London) she would quite happily navigate the exterior of the building and find safe ways in or out – or if she could not get in – she would ‘sense where me or Gee was inside and sit and ‘Meow’ loudly at the nearest window! bout three-months ago, Lexi develop a heart and lung condition that nearly killed her through the membranes of her lungs filling-up with water because of the malfunctioning of the her heart. On that occasion, our family pulled together to pay the £900 Vet bill for the operation, after-care, follow-up appointments and the expensive medicine she needed to keep going.

Lexi at 13-years-old – Her Recent Life-Saving Journey to the Vet Visible on Her Body (2021)

She beat all the odds and survived the operation that removed the fluid from her lungs and allowed her the breath properly again! As we believe every moment of life is precious, we were very happy for the second lease of life she received which lasted about two-months. She was very active and looked much better! However, the Vet warned us that this condition can return in an instant and is usually deadly the second time. Well, Lexi started to worsen slowly over the last week, with a very bad last night and a day – where we tried to feed her, get water into her mouth and make her as comfortable as possible. As she was now refusing to take her medicine, things looked bleak.

The ‘New’ Kittens Looked After Lexi!

A few months ago we were lucky to acquire two beautiful kittens from a family living in the Clapham area. Lexi has spent these last few months watching, plating with and occasionally ‘disciplining’ these little rascals as they misbehaved all over the house! And yet, as the end drew near for Lexi, these kittens started sitting with her, as well as licking her and trying to comfort her. It has been amazing and heart-warming to see! As Lexi was closest to Gee – it was Gee who cuddled her for the last six hours of her life. Lexi was a fighter who tried so hard to live! She battled on but gave her last breath in this world at 1400 hrs today (18.10.2021). Lexi passed through her 12th birthday in September and was living in her 13th-year when she passed. We think she was born in September, 2009, as we acquired her during the end of October of that year and she just 8-weeks-old!

Xena and Lexi Cbillout (2011)

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  1. We love you Lexi! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us!

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