The Oldest Light in the Universe and the Origins of Matter


here Did the First Light in the Universe Come From? Astrophysicists Now Know

This is a photograph showing the first light ever-present in the universe, taken by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Planck Space Telescope in 2013. It is believed to show light from when the universe was just 370,000 years. In other words, this photograph presents the universe as it looked from the year zero to round 370,000 – 380,000 years old. This is a significant find, as the universe today is thought to be around 13.78 billion years old. This is essentially a photograph of what is called the ‘Cosmic Microwave Background’ (CMB), or to what is more commonly referred to as ‘background radiation’, which can be detected everywhere – including on earth. This is the residue of the ‘Big Bang’ that brought everything into being, the processes of which, eventually led to the formulation of planet earth (around 4.9 billion years ago), and through evolutionary processes, the emergence of all life (humans in their current evolutionary manifestation, are around 200,000 years old). One point that must be remembered is that light is older than matter, and that the dark patches in this photograph demonstrate areas where light is slowing down, and beginning to form matter – the physical stuff of the universe. Light is an electro-magnetic wave that travels through the vacuum of space, and which does not require any other medium to do so (the existence of dark matter and dark energy is known, because such entitles or ‘fields’ exercise an ‘attracting’ or ‘repulsing’ force respectively upon light as it travels through the apparently ’empty’ space). The following documentary conveys the ‘science’ of light, and humanity’s quest to study and understand its nature, covering operations with the naked eye, theoretical assumptions, telescopes, microscopes and mathematical equations, etc. British Professor Al-Khalili explains precisely how the physical universe emerged, and the scientific processes behind this emergence. When the early universe of hot, dense plasma ‘cooled’ and condensed, atoms were formed and trapped light energy released.

Capitalist Greed Spreads Diseases


When medicine (and science) is held exclusively within the hands of the rich, the privileged are entombed in their gated communities, bused in private ambulances from one private healthcare institute to another, and generally made to feel ‘safe’ and ‘protected’ from the ‘great unwashed’ (i.e. the proletariat).  This is the ghettoization of healthcare that favours the rich and punishes the poor.  Capitalism is greed, and private healthcare defies the evolutionary history of the development spread of disease and illness.  Capitalism is against the interests of the survival of the human species, and through the deprivation of the majority of that species from adequate healthcare, dooms humanity to a slow, painful and lingering death. People become ‘ill’ because they are ‘human’, and not because they are ‘poor’.  Rich people, living as they do in their hedonistic playgrounds, think that their monopoly on private medicine makes them ‘immortal’, this is scientifically incorrect.  As the rich, who live a parasitic lifestyle, do not mix in ‘general population’, their immunity is ‘weakened’ as a result, and they become susceptible to new diseases.  Their monopoly on medicine only protects the rich to a certain degree, but after that they will pay the price for their greed.  It is far more scientific for healthcare to exist free of charge, and society-wide, so that all diseases, ailments and illnesses are treated (and eradicated) at source.  However, when rich people ‘holiday’ in poor areas of the world, and sleep with prostitutes (and/or despicably abuse children), they spread Western diseases to these people, and contract non-Western diseases in-turn, which they then spread about through their immoral and frivolous lifestyles. Of course, when poor people are made ill in their own countries through the indifference of the rich, and are then made to travel across national borders in search of work, their illnesses and diseases are taken with them, but it is capitalist greed that has made them ill, and forced them to travel in the first place.  The parasitic rich are the natural consequence of the greed of capitalism. Healthcare must be fully Socialised and the people of the world treated equally for all diseases. Eventually, the rich will have to pay for their crimes.

Like the Soil of the Earth is the Soil of the Heart


The Buddha said:

Headman, just like that field with good soil are my monks and nuns.  To them I preach the Doctrine, beautiful in its beginning, beautiful in its middle, beautiful in its end, in the spirit and in the letter; I proclaim the Holy Life in all its fullness, in all its purity.  Why is this?  Because, headman, they abide possessing Me for an island of retirement, Me for a cave of retreat, Me for the armour of defense, Me for a refuge.

Headman, just like that field with good soil are my lay disciples both male and female.  To them I preach the Doctrine, beautiful in its beginning, beautiful in its middle, beautiful in its end, in the spirit and in the letter; I proclaim the Holy Life in all its fullness, in all its purity.  Why is this?  Because, headman, they abide possessing Me for an island of retirement, Me for a cave of retreat, Me for the armour of defense, Me for a refuge.

Samyutta iv 315-317

(Extracted from: Buddhist Parables – Translated from the Pali by Eugene Watson Burlingame Page 180)

Ch’an Commentary: The four classes of disciples are extolled without exception and although monks and nuns are mentioned first in the list arrangement – it is clear that all follow the Buddha’s example and instruction in exactly the same way.  Why is this?  It is because ‘non-substantiality’ underlies all phenomena equally.  If everything is profoundly empty in its manifestation, it is not that it does not exist, but rather that its existence (form) is empty (void).  It must be further states that as emptiness is free of its own nature – that is ’empty’ of emptiness – it is only logical to state that emptiness (void) is also existence (form).  There is no contradiction, as the empty nature of reality is realisable here and now.  It is through connection with the earth that the mind is freed.

UFO: A Perceptual Exercise


The UFO phenomena is essentially one of perception. Gaps in knowledge leads to the creation of mythology to fill-in the missing data. This process, in and of itself, is not an ‘error’, or a ‘mistake’, but rather evidence of evolution as experienced by the human ‘brain’ and ‘mind’. The ability to speculate and to create a type of knowledge where none previously existed, has enabled humanity to evolve to a high degree. This acknowledgement is not a judgement on, or validity of, the knowledge that has been ‘speculated’, as the process of data sorting is a post-perceptual event.  There is perception, and there is then an over-lay of thought construction that defines and interprets what has ben sensed. For instance, a neutral set of events will be interpreted according to the psychological conditioning of the observer. Belief is a post-perceptual over-lay that projects a particular interpretation onto events as they appear to unfold. The entirety of human experience involves this process, which has seen a refinement of perception that has evolved through religion to science, and that now occupies a post-modern position whereby secularism, science, and certain aspects of religion integrate to form a new and complex perspective. The UFO picture above is a human invention which depicts an event that has never happened. In other words, an artist has created an image based upon imagination and not on an actual event – even if the details portrayed are ‘believed’ to have occurred somewhere else, at some other time. This logical assessment should not be used to suggest that an event like this has never happened – how could such a definite statement be made with complete lack supporting the evidence? – but is rather a simple observation that this picture is not a photograph of an actual event. What then, is being seen here?




Events that have what might be described as a particular ‘frequency’ of manifestation, inevitably invite a certain interpretation that becomes hot-wired into the perceptual system. However, change the manifested frequency – even only slightly – and the ‘certainty’ of what humanity thinks it know falls away completely. Mythology and speculative thinking have evolved as an antidote to the ‘horror’ human beings feel when they are unable to adequately ‘cognise’ their surroundings and experiences. This is because ‘fear’ has been a tremendous force for the evolutionary engine, driving humanity forever onward tin its endless quest to eradicate ‘not knowing’, and ignorance.  Before humanity can speculate about the ‘nature’ of what is being seen, it should first understand the perceptual apparatus with which it is making these key observations.  How can humanity be sure aliens are visiting earth, when the human mind that creates this information remains under appreciated and misunderstood?  It is a curious paradox to consider that alien intelligence might well be looking at a human intelligence that remains essentially ‘unaware’ of the details of its own functionality, but is equally aware that it is being ‘watched’ by a mysterious outside force.  On the face of it, this scenario sounds suspiciously like another form of religious mythology.  Unless proven otherwise, the paranormal appears to be the ‘new’ church, with visiting aliens being synonymous with the return of Christ, etc.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2014.

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