The Capitalist Exploitation of Transgender, Transitioning and Transvestite Body Culture 

As a Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) cis male – I have been researching this very important element of trans-identity primarily through books and films, and when attending in person London’s Gay Pride and other LGTBQNB+ protest and self-assertion parades, etc. As someone who is bi-cultural (Chinese – European), and who is partnered by a cis ethnic Chinese woman – my family is often termed ‘queer’. This is exactly the same for my broader family within which disability resides. I am not a transitioning man seeking to be a woman – but I have no resistance or objection to this process. 

When myself, my partner (Gee) and one young daughter (Mei-An) attended Gay Pride a few years ago (Kai-Lin was not yet born), we were sat with hundreds of the LGBTQNB+ people after the event who were scattered across London’s many open spaces (St Martin’s in the Field – if I remember rightly), and I recall my family being observed by the many transgender and cross-dressing people with a sense of unconditional love. This was partly due to Mei-An being up and about and playing to her heart’s content safe in her knowledge that she was surrounded by progressive and forward-thinking individuals!   

What concerns me, particularly with the American experience (which I am sure is replicated in the UK), is the manner in which the ‘exclusion’ and ‘isolation’ from society is so total that a number of the transgender community is forced into gaining some type of ‘acceptance’ within the cis male (bourgeois) system by ‘selling’ their ‘look’, or more properly their ‘bodies’ to the general public as a means for catering to the various sexual fetishes that already exists (mostly amongst straight, White males). In other words, due to the complete and utter rejection of the mind and body of each transitioning individual as a valuable member of society – the only work available is that which reduces their chosen lifestyle to the lowest possible denominator in the stakes of human acceptability, self-worth and social, cultural and legal accountability.   

Of course, given dire enough social and personal circumstance, men and women (but particularly women) and even children (illegal paedophilia) can be reduced to the level of sex-work to gain money to live and a sense of ‘belonging’ and even ‘influence’ within the broader community. This is exactly how predatory capitalism is designed to work as it facilitates the permanent, total and complete exploitation of the minds and bodies of each individual. A transitioning individual is made to feel part of the capitalist world even if they have been rejected by their birth-families and thrown-out of their ethnic-communities. The predominantly ‘White’ bourgeoisie become the ‘paying’ clientele and the participating (minds) and bodies of the transitioning sex workers become yet another manifestation of the ‘diversity of choice’ which the ideology that is predatory capitalism is expected to throw-up for the indulgence of those who possess the ability to ‘pay’.  

Those reduced to selling their bodies are following the avenues left open to them by the predatory capitalist system. The direction of travel is physically (and culturally) downwards – and yet the money-earned does empower the individual in the many other areas of their lives that have nothing to do directly with the means of making-money. Being excluded from the job-market of ordinary bourgeois society (due to discrimination and hatred), many transitioning individuals are forced to settle for a life making-money through fetishized sexual activity on the one-hand, which on the other-hand empowers the transitioning individual through generating a cash income that can be used more positively in other areas of the transitioning life.  

In an ideal ‘Socialist’ world – education across the board would be used to prepare the minds and bodies of all members of society into a thoroughly ‘new’ way of perceiving gender outside of the usual bourgeois (male) view that currently dominates predatory capitalist society. Gender should be viewed as a broad-scale psycho-sexual expression and all the components of a Socialist society – from schools, the work-place and medical facilities – would be suitably empowered to offer ‘free at the point of us’ medical advice, treatment and surgery. It would be illegal for work-places to bar transitioning individuals from ordinary employment opportunities, with transitioning people perceived as a valuable asset to the functioning of mainstream Socialist society. This is a progressive that transitioning people must participate within and add their valuable knowledge and experience to so that Marxist-Leninist (Maoism) can be developed, evolved and expanded to spread the foundation of the Revolution ever further afield! 

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