Li Hongzhi Compares Himself to the ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’! 

The US has been harbouring an international criminal for many years now, with that protection not coming to an end anytime soon. There are many disturbing elements to this situation, but perhaps the most appalling allegation is that of the rape and sexual abuse of his adult followers, and his preference for ‘paedophilia’. Indeed, this open secret is not even particularly well-hidden these days as the US Authorities turn a blind-eye to many of the kidnapping antics perpetuated by the Falun Gong Cult – as they tend to target foreign nationals or those young children who have run away from home due to some otherwise petty dispute. This explains how the US Authorities assist and collude with the perverse sexual appetites of Li Hongzhi and his lieutenants – and allow this human-trafficking to thrive, strengthen and expand within one of the countries on earth that likes to state just how ‘free’ and ‘safe’ its citizens are assumed to be!  

Li Hongzhi may stagger from one social engagement to another – quite often unable to remember his own name through a drug induced haze – but he certainly likes to make references to mythology and compare himself with beings who seem to possess supernatural powers! Yes – the self-proclaimed ‘Living-Buddha’ – no longer content to assume he can read minds or affect change at a distance, Li Hongzhi now believes he possesses the power of the ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’ the mystical being of 13th century Germany who was supposedly able to mesmerise young children with his pipe-playing and lead them out of the town and away from the safety and control of their parents! Obviously, this assumption by Li Hongzhi reflects in his mind what he believes he is doing to the youth of the world whilst ensconced in the US.  

As he has committed (and ordered) so many crimes it is only fitting that Li Hongzhi be arrested and returned to China and tried – after which he should executed by firing-squad and his family sent the bill for the cost of the bullets! The next phase of this judicial process should then involve the trying of his lieutenants and prominent supporters followed by all those who have committed severe crimes in his name. This is how we should rid the world of dangerous paedophiles such as Li Hongzhi who actually dares to flaunt his intention to harm more children in the future whilst residing under the care of the equally deficient United States! This will definitely be a case of severity for those who resist – leniency for those who comply. Your destiny lies in your own hands and not the hands of a madman who has brain-washed you to mindlessly follow just the sound of his own voice! It is never too late to change and report your fellow Falun Gong Cult practitioners. Distance yourselves from the imaginary power of the pied piper of LA!  

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