Falun Gong Cult: How The Epoch Times Fabricated the Sujiatun ‘Concentration Camp’ Myth! (2006) 

As the Falun Gong Cult Begins to Threated the US State – Will America Eventually Turn Against It?

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD) 

Translator’s Note: Interestingly, this Chinese language text regarding ‘concentration camps’ can be found on the internet page of the PRC Embassy for ‘Germany’. Whether this is a coincidence or not, I cannot say, but it is obvious that the CIA mind that is behind this ridiculous 2006 allegation of Chinese ‘concentration camps’ for Falun Gong Cult members appears to be exactly the same mind that is behind the 2019 anti-China story of ‘concentration camps’ for Uyghurs! The anti-China racism is palpable – whilst the anti-China propaganda is highly simplistic and childish to say the least! It is, of course, the Americans who have been illegally imprisoning, torturing and murdering Islamic prisoners throughout the Middle East and that part of Cuba that still awaits ‘liberation’ from capitalist tyranny. Furthermore, it is the Falun Gong Cult (invented by the CIA) that deliberately targets the youth of the West to serve the sick and perverted sexual appetites of Li Hongzhi and his numerous lieutenants who live in expenses houses all over the US!  The Falun Gong Cult strips its followers of their individualistic capacity to make informed and rational decisions away from the group. Such primed individual are stripped of their property, money, clothing and control of their own bodies. The youngest boys and girls are syphoned-off to personally ‘serve’ Li Hongzhi’s perverted sexual desires in his LA mansion – which is paid for by the US government! Of course, when their young bodies and minds have been utterly destroyed by the continuous exposure to ‘rape’, torture and forced imbuing of Class A drugs – Li Hongzhi has them ‘disposed of’ – and a whole new generation of brain-washed Falun Gong Cult members take their places! Now that the Falun Gong Cult has aligned itself with the QAnon conspiracy theory, and openly supported the far-right political policies of Donald Trump – it is high time that all the Western governments acted together to end this public menace and assist the process in protecting the youth of the West against the paedophilic tendencies of Li Hongzhi and his key followers!  ACW (22.9.2021) 

How Will the West Respond to the Falun Gong Cult’s Lurch to the Far-Right?

Following rumours in the Western media from mid-March of this year (2006), the Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital (which practices Integrated TCM and Western Medicine in Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province) started receiving a large number of calls from abroad, accusing the hospital of forcibly detaining more than 6000 “Falun Gong” practitioners. and performing illegal vivisection and live-organ transplantation upon their bodies! These calls seriously interfered with the normal medical running of the hospital – putting the lives of seriously ill and injured patients at risk – whilst also damaging the very good reputation of this hospital!   

The hospital later learned that on March 9th, 2006, the “Falun Gong Cult” Epoch Times website suddenly published an article entitled “Shenyang Concentration Camp and Crematorium Established to Sell Organs from Falun Gong Practitioners”. On March 20th, the Epoch Times website again ran an article titled “The Surgeon’s Wife Reveals the Shady Process of Sujiatun Organ Removal”, stating for the first time that the aforementioned “concentration camp” is the Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine in Sujiatun District, Shenyang City. “The wife of the Chief Surgeon” said that since 2001, “Falun Gong” practitioners have been detained on a large scale in this “suburban rural hospital”, and that detainees have had their corneas or other organs removed. On March 31st, the Epoch Times website broke the “news” again, throwing out “the words of the old military doctor”, saying that the concentration camp set up at the Sujiatun Thrombosis Hospital had been moved underground after being exposed. This is the cover story the Epoch Times concocted to explain the fact that there was absolutely no evidence of this story being true!   

The “creditor” was also the only “witness” who supposedly worked in the boiler room – but upon inspection – no such person could be found. Starting from Shenyang city centre, along the Shen-Su Expressway, it takes 30 minutes to drive to the Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine. The courtyard is close to Xuesong Road, which is the most prosperous main road in the Sujiatun area. Yang Hongfeng, the mayor of Sujiatun District, said: “Even the world’s largest ‘encampment’ could hide such bloody secrets. Furthermore, the Chinese people would NEVER allow such a despicable thing to happen!” “This matter has made the hospital unpopular!” Exclaimed Lao Qi – who has been driving a modern rickshaw for nearly twenty-years in the area. He said that he has spent most of the years picking-up and dropping-off passengers in-front of the Thrombosis Hospital, and he has never found anything wrong: “If so many people were shut away on a daily basis – I would certainly notice as I would have no one to transport.”   

The boiler room of the hospital is located in the southwest corner of the hospital garden. Through the window of the boiler room, the interior of the boiler room can be seen clearly. The entire boiler room covers an area of more than 180 square meters, and two large boilers installed side by side take up a lot of space. The 4-ton boiler on the east side is used for heating the hospital in winter, and the two-ton boiler on the west side is mainly used for medical disinfection and heating for the nutrition department. Zhao Haiyun, a stove maker who is in his 50s and who been working here for four-years, said angrily: “How can it be a cremator if coal is burned here every day!” Only a wall separates the boiler room from the ordinary residence outside the hospital. An old lady walking downstairs said: “You can see the boiler room from my house. Everyone knows that this is a boiler in a hospital. It is impossible to burn people.”   

Regarding rumours such as “underground concentration camps” and “incinerating furnaces”, which surfaced as early as April 12th this year, the State Council Information Office of China held a press conference to clarify. Zhang Yuqin, deputy dean of the Liaoning Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine, said at the press conference that the hospital has more than 300 beds and no more than 6000 people can live there. There is no “basement” or “incinerating furnace” as mentioned in the rumours. There are no facilities or staff able to perform any organ transplant operations. The so-called “concentration camp” is completely imaginary, and the “organ transplant” is even more wild nonsense. An important clue in the “Sujiatun Concentration Camp Incident” is the testimony of the witnesses claiming to be the Chief Surgeon and his wife of the Sujiatun Thrombosis Hospital – with Zhang Yuqin clearly pointing-out that there were no such people in the hospital.  

Foreign visitors admit that “this is a hospital” – On March 22nd, the visa officer of the US Consulate in Shenyang, Mr. Ko Daolei, visited the Sujiatun Liaoning Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated TCM and Western Medicine, claiming that he was “entrusted by a friend from the United States to see the treatment of thrombosis in your hospital.” After the visit, Mr. Ko Daolei praised the hospital’s medical technology and environment. On March 31st, a group of five people from Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao, Phoenix Satellite TV, and Nippon Television Network Broadcasting Corporation came to the Sujiatun Thrombosis Hospital, especially to look at the boiler room of the hospital and conduct interviews. The reporters also opened all the garbage rooms in the hospital. No abnormalities were found in the medical and domestic garbage bags.   

On the afternoon of April 14th, the Consul General of the US Consulate in Shenyang, Mr. David Kang, and Mr. Li Qisen, the official in charge of political affairs in the US Embassy in China, and Dr. Shapiro, the Commissioner of health affairs, and a group of five people conducted a thorough investigation on the Sujiatun Thrombosis Hospital. The Associated Press subsequently quoted a US Embassy spokeswoman in a report as saying, “As far as we know, this place (referring to the Sujiatun Thrombosis Hospital) is functionally a hospital.” After the “Sujiatun Concentration Camp Incident” occurred, relevant experts analysed the possibility of its existence. Yang Tao, an Associate Professor at the China Criminal Police Academy, said that for every 100 people in custody, there is a requirement for 15% of the police force, 3% of medical equipment, and 1 chef for every 50 people. Assuming a calculation based on the 6000 people claimed by “Falun Gong”, the staff will be a group of more than 1,000 people. At the same time, the supply of resources for thousands of people, including detainees, cannot be “secretly” resolved. It is conceivable that in a densely populated area like Sujiatun District, it would be unimaginable if there were such a “secret concentration camp” without being noticed by the outside world. From “Health News” on June 9, 2006) 

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