Falun Gong Cult: Epoch Times Designated ‘Far-Right’ By US Mainstream Media!

Dedicated to David Robertson – Victim of the Falun Gong Cult (UK)

The US government has generated the Falun Gong Cult, as well as its media platforms of the Epoch Times (a racist anti-Mainland China newspaper), the NTD TV Channel and the Shen Yun Dance Troupe (which presents ‘fake’ stage performances that mimic traditional stage entertainment found within legitimate Chinese entertainment)! Li Hongzhi – the disgruntled office worker chosen by the US to lead the Falun Gong Cult movement – now lives in the US as a hireling of the CIA whilst receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the US taxpayer just as long as he keeps spouting his pseudo-science and continues to agitate against the legitimate government of China! In recent years, Li Hongzhi has aligned his Falun Gong Cult with the far-right political rhetoric of former President Donald Trump – instructing The Epoch Times to publish articles supporting this White, fascist stupidity and to oppose vaccinations for Covid19 as well as issuing decrees ‘denying’ climate change’! Although The Epoch Times was once sold to the American public as a legitimate mainstream newspaper – its content is now being openly assessed to be ‘far-right’, ‘extremist’ and ‘against the interests’ of the American people! In other words, EXACTLY the same designations applied to the Falun Gong Cult when it was banned in China in 2001! Five of Li Hongzhi’s ‘hilarious’ latest outbursts can be summed-up in the following:

  1. Li Hongzhi instructed the Epoch Times to presents Donald Trump as being ‘Sent by God’!
  2. Li Hongzhi has stated that anything deemed ‘Communist’ by himself – which includes Jackie Chan, Hillary Clinton , and former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan – will be consigned to the depths of Hell when ‘Judgement Day’ finally arrives!
  3. Li Hongzhi has expanded the remit of The Epoch Times beyond that of criticising the Communist Party of China – and to now align itself with US right-wing and far-right political rhetoric that criticises ‘homosexuality’ (homophobia) and ‘Islam’ (Islamophobia). This expansion of Falun Gong Cult bigotry into the broader public news arena has led to Epoch Times ‘fake news’ videos being viewed more than three-billion times across all social media platforms! During 2017, The Epoch Times brought-in $8.1 million, whilst NTD TV grossed $18 million in revenues whilst operating in the US!
  4. Li Hongzhi has ordered the encouraging of the murder of homosexual people throughout the United States – whilst blaming such attacks upon Jihadists regardless who actually carry-out these crimes – but he has further ordered that a ‘special’ and ‘coded’ language be used in the pages of The Epoch Times so that only fellow homophobes can decipher the murderous orders and put them into effect with a trail of instruction leading back to Li Hongzhi himself.
  5. Li Hongzhi believes that the QAnon conspiracy is ‘correct’ and has ordered ALL Falun Gong Cult followers to support this far-right example of US anti-intellectualism! Li Hongzhi also believes that vaccinations ‘do not work’ and that mass vaccination programmes are really means for governments to implant ‘trackers’ into the bodies of each individual! Falun Gong Cult practitioners are NOT to have a form of vaccination OR any form of MODERN medical treatment! Li Hongzhi believes that he can ‘cure’ any ailment, disease or injury just with the power of his mind!

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