The Disappearance of Terrence Woods Jr – US Anti-Intellectualism and Racism!

Terrence Woods went ‘missing’ in a very public manner on October 5th, 2018, whilst filming for the British Raw TV Channel at the now disused Penman (Gold) Mine – situated in the Orogrande area of the Nez Perce Clearwater National Forest – Idaho. According to testimony given by his fellow (eleven) film-production colleagues, Terrence Woods was standing on the edge of a cliff when he suddenly dropped his walkie-talkie radio, jumped over the edge and ‘ran’ very fast down a very steep and uneven slope! Although Terrence Woods is often described as ‘British’, he was actually born in the US and only later moved to live in London. However, even when living in the UK he still chose to attend the American International University in London – rather than a British university – which suggests he viewed himself very much as ‘American’ rather than ‘British’. Whatever the case, his diary and text messages prior to his disappearance suggest that he was not happy living in London. 

Furthermore, despite having listened to a number of versions of his disappearance story – I was surprised that virtually none bothered to mention the fact that he was ‘African-American’! This certainly matters as many of the terms used to describe his disappearance are obviously ‘racist’ in nature! A short list of racist misrepresentations include: 

Terrence Woods’ behaviour was changeable, unpredictable and irrational. 

Terrence Woods lacked the skills expected of one occupying his professional position – assuming he was promoted because he was ‘Black’ and not because he was ‘talented’. 

His ‘running ability’ is described by his colleagues as being ‘beyond the norm’ usually associated with average human-beings – and seemed to be ‘other’ than ‘human’ in its manifestation! Indeed, he ‘bounded’ like an animal down a steep slope that witnesses suggest that they could not ‘run’ down at such speed or with such stability of foot (like a mountain goat)! Despite this, and following supposedly at a slower speed, his film crew colleagues did apparently follow Terrence Woods – but lost him due to his sheer physical strength and power! All these associations are classic racist tropes designed to ‘dehumanise’ African-Americans – particularly ‘men’ – where their physical prowess is over-exaggerated as a means to supposedly ‘prove’ animalistic abilities which are a threat to ‘White’ women (the ‘King Kong’ story follows this stereotype). 

Without any evidence, the local police department has suggested that Terrence Woods was untrustworthy and was ‘planning’ to disappear from the very beginning. This theory suggests he made it to a road without anyone seeing him do this – and possibly entered a waiting vehicle which whisked him off to his ‘new’ life. Although this makes no material sense, the fact the ‘White’ police have stated this gives the idea creditability and has reinforced and confirmed many ‘White’ prejudices about Black people being habitual liars!  

When his father – Terrence Woods Sr – stated in an interview that he believed racism has played a part in the manner in which the local police (and others) have handled this case – the very same local police ‘confirmed’ his suspicions through their unprofessional and irrational behaviour – by firstly ‘denying’ their own (habitual) racism and then stating that they will no longer be directly ‘communicating’ with Terrence Woods Sr, thus illegally depriving him of the legal service they routinely (and ‘impartially’) provide to the broader (White) community!  

I am surprised that an active film crew was not ‘filming’ at the moment Terrence Woods Jr ‘disappeared’ and that no film footage of these unfolding circumstances exists! Normally, an active film crew (engaged in an ‘outside broadcast’) habitually films anything whilst working just in-case it is useful during the re-editing process. Certain members of the film unit obviously had a problem with the presence of Terrence Woods. Despite his shining professional history – according to these individuals there was something ‘deficient’ and ‘inherently flawed’ in his attitude and ability. Really? This is all very suspicious whether or not Terrence Woods disappeared. What happened to Terrence Woods? Having to live in a world dominated by the reality of ‘White’ racism is the reality that most non-White people have to live-in all of their lives! This attitude of perpetual prejudice and discrimination has been medically proven as having a detrimental effect upon the physical and psychological well-being of those targeted. Did Terrence Woods suffer a psychological breakdown? If not directly related to the effects of the existential racism, did he suffer an unrelated medical episode?  

There certainly appears to be a ‘disassociation’ between ‘perception’ and ‘ability’ – as he managed to perform a physical feat usually associated with well-trained Special Forces soldiers who are ‘trained’ over-time to be mentally and physically prepared to safely perform such activities under the severe stresses of combat conditions! On occasion, an ordinary human-being can reproduce such abilities simply because the usual psychological and physical restraint (safety) mechanisms present in the average person cease to operate in the usual inhibiting manner during everyday life. A similar phenomenon involves usually stiff-jointed people suddenly being able to move the body in a thoroughly relaxed and supple matter once the usual ‘tension’ stimulus of the muscles is switched-off either chemically or naturally, etc. Of course, a sudden rush of adrenalin brought-on by ‘fear’ – can cause the mind and body to act in a precise and instinctive manner – free of any sign of fear or inhibition.  What Terrence Woods appears to have achieved has nothing to do with his ‘skin-tone’ and everything to do with him being a human-being. Any human-being could reproduce this physical achievement given the right (inner and) outer conditions.  

The question is ‘why’ was Terrence Woods ‘pushed’ into a situation where he reacted as if he was terrified and subject to the ‘fight or flight’ impulse? This is one side of the equation – as I suspect he was the victim of systemic racism. The other side of the equation is ‘where did he go?’ This is an issue of pure speculation as nobody knows. If a body is eventually found a long time after the event (a not uncommon occurrence) then this question will be partly answered. People go ‘missing’ all the time in National Parks (and ‘open spaces’) around the world – with their remains not turning-up until years later. They fall into areas that are difficult to penetrate and search properly – and sometimes Search and Rescue squads often walk right past bodies hidden in overgrowth, encased in ice or buried by land or snowslides, etc. On occasion, exhausted and dehydrated people wander around in such an irrational and unpredictable manner that they always seem to unwittingly out-manoeuvre the SAR squads to their own detriment! Others deliberately ‘avoid’ those looking for them as they are confused and perceive the SAR squads as ‘enemies’ out to get them! Whatever the case, Terrence Woods Jr still remains ‘lost’ to this day (2021)! 

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