Biden: China Set to ‘Vandalise’ Face on Mars!

Does China Possess the Technology to ‘Alter’ this Structure?

The Biden White House – fresh from supporting and justifying Israel’s latest violence against the Palestinians – has been associated with a ‘leaked’ CIA memo marked ‘Top Secret’ and apparently intended for Donald Trump during his brief time at the tiller! Believed to have arisen from a clandestine American operative in Beijing, this memo – named ‘Operation Eye-Liner’ – includes lists of details pertaining to an intended Chinese Space Agency (CSA) mission that looks set to ‘alter’ the cheek-bone and eye-structure of the fabled ‘Face on Mars’ so that it looks more ‘Chinese’ and less ‘Nordic’ as it is portrayed in NASA photographs dating back to its Viking Mission of 1976. Is this threat credible?  

A More Up-To-Date Photograph of the Contested Region on Mars…

The Biden White House seems to think that it is despite NASA recently stating that ‘there is no face on Mars!’ This is the official position of the Western scientific community since subsequent NASA missions to Mars have returned photographs of the disputed region in question showing only random rock formations, and certainly no artificial structures. As far as NASA is concerned, the ‘Face on Mars’ is nothing but a trick of the light. This being the case, why would the CSA waste time and resources on a reckless mission (with racist undertones) that looks like it could dramatically backfire?  

How Biden ‘Perceives’ the ‘Face on Mars’…

The right-wing press in the US are speculating that China intends to ‘construct’ a ‘Face on Mars’ in exactly the area where millions of Americans already think one exists – and then manufacture derision in the US by claiming the American people have been lied to by their own government! The Chinese are liable to release short video clips on various Western social media platforms that will startle and divide the populace in equal measure! We approached the Chinese Embassy for comment and were told ‘You are out of your f’cking minds… ‘ 

How a ‘Chinese’ Face on Mars Might Look…

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