I Suspect ‘Consciousness’ Does Not Exist!

Consciousness is a Special Arrangement of Matter!

I first encountered the idea that consciousness may not exist during a course I was studying through Oxford University around 2005. At the time this idea seemed strange and counter-intuitive, but it did light a spark in my mind which has grown in brightness ever since. Consciousness seems real in our society because the entirety of ‘individuality’ is made to hang off of it! The startling philosophical implication is that if consciousness does not exist – then neither does individuality. I would agree that ‘individuality’ does not ultimately exist but is a fabricated socio-economic construct designed to justify, support and perpetuate predatory capitalism! We are ‘forced’ to think that we exist on an individual level, and to structure are entire inner and outer lives to service this delusion! 

For many years, certainly since I was a young child, I felt that ‘I’ did not exist in the manner that the socio-economic forces that surrounded me kept suggesting that I did. People like Carl Jung (and numerous other philosophers) all assumed that ‘individuality’ was real and that all reality flow from this observation! No. This is not correct at all. Reading the working of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels fully exposes this myth and places a ‘collective’ reality firmly in the picture. Yes – I possess a singly body – but that body is inherently part of a collective body known as the ‘working-class’! In reality, ‘individuality’ is a bourgeois myth designed to a priori break-up the profound sense of psychological and emotional unity a person should feel with the working-class! 

In very real terms – ‘I’ am born ‘nothing’, ‘I’ should exist as ‘nothing’ and at the end of my life ‘I’ should die as ‘nothing’! All that must happen in the meantime is that ‘I’ dedicate myself to the furtherance of the well-being of my class – the only reality worth acknowledging and caring about! To think otherwise, is to occupy a bourgeois myth that misleads us into thinking we are ‘individuals’ that possess a unique ‘conscious’ mind! No. We possess the evolutionary benefits of collective development over-time – that is all! We must proceed with a collective understanding of reality that sees consciousness as a by-product of collectivity – and not its ‘end’! 

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