French Racism: Mila Orriols – Ignorant Teenage Racist, Lesbian and Atheist!

Author’s Note: I am a Marxist-Leninist (Communist), an ‘atheist’ and an expert in religious philosophy, history and culture, etc. As a ‘Political Commissar’ – I specialise in assisting religious minorities ‘integrate’ into the Socialist System. As someone who has studied Islam as a textual religion and a living reality – I know that the derogatory comments made by Mila Orriols about Islam are the product of ‘White’ racism and ‘White’ privilege’ – and are the historical product of the long history France has of projecting its imperialist oppression all over the world! This is why Mila Orriols is being supported by the racist French State and the Neo-Nazi far-right political establishment! She is a racist thug currently riding high on a wave of ‘White Supremacist’ adulation! ACW (3.6.2021)

If the case of teenager Mila Orriols proves one thing, it is that France is following the United States in the habit of elevating stupidity to the level of freedom of speech. Liberal laws once crafted to stop and prevent the formulation and spread of racism within society are now being used as a vehicle for strengthening and expressing the very same racism. Mila states that she is not being racist ‘because Islam is not a race’, but surely the country that gave the world some of the greatest thinkers must see the logical flaw in this infantile argument. Just as the French legal system allows for criticism of religion, it should also allow the a rejection of that criticism with an equal vigour! Hold on! – I hear you say – Mila was ‘threatened’ with all kinds of physical violence against her person for expressing the insulting views that she did. Yes, that is correct, but why don’t we apply the logic that Mila has deployed (and the French legal system has accepted without question). What does it matter what the opposing voices have said – under French law they have a right to say it. What makes their case different from Mila’s? Oh yes – they threatened her with physical harm whilst Mila merely expressed an opinion. However, as the alleged threats only occurred ‘online’ or can be legally argued that they were aimed only at an ‘electronic’ image of Mila and were never intended as actual threats, given that an online identity DOES NOT legally define a living human-being. It is obvious that once this argument is established, it becomes impossible to apply acts of physical violence to pixels on a computer or data within a file, etc. The fact that this stupid argument has been permitted to legally work in a French Court on her behalf – but has not been allowed to equally operate for her Islamic opposition proves in one fell swoop the inherent racism within the French legal system masquerading as ‘justice’. Furthermore, if I were to ask Mila a number of technical questions about the theology, history and culture associated with Islam, you can bet your bottom dollar that she would not be able to answer any correctly. How do I know this? Well, if she knew these things, she would not express the ignorant and uneducated viewpoints she has about Islam – conflating her lack of genuine knowledge – with freedom of speech! No wonder Mila is the new poster girl for the racist French State and the political far-right!

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