Modi Demands ‘Right of Reply’ To My Previous Post!

BJP Activist ‘Extracting the Urine’ for Scientific Purposes…

Dear ‘Gori’ (technical term) 

I write with exasperation regarding your previous post! How dare you assume that the voting base of the BJP are politically naïve, illiterate and occupied with a daily obsession of participating in an ignorant culture! Indian scientists have exposed cow urine to the most rigorous of scientific scrutiny – and confirmed everything mentioned in the Vedas! As a consequence of proving your previous post ‘wrong’ – I enclose a number of photographs (and videos) of BJP voters participating in ‘extracting the urine’ from the nether regions of cow’s bottoms! I trust in the future you will not be so quick to judge other cultures! 

With Kind Regards 

Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) 

The BJP is Cracking-Down on ‘Black Market’ ‘Urine Extraction!’
BJP: ‘After a Hard Day of Beating Muslims – a Cool Glass of Cow’s Urine Goes Down a Treat!’
BJP Activist Demonstrates the ‘Official’ Urine Bathing Technique!
BJP Activists Demonstrate ‘Urine Extraction’!

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