Modi Blames India’s ‘Backward’ Culture for Covid19 Nightmare!

Ganesh – the ‘Elephant-Headed’ God!

Prime minister Modi has confirmed at a specially called BJP press conference – that the ‘backwardness’ of Indian culture is at risk of killing more people than the corona virus! In heated exchanges with Western journalists, Modi wanted to make it clear that the high death rate being currently seen in India, has nothing to do with the Indian government not being able to cope effectively with the Covid19 pandemic, and everything to do with a societal infrastructure that has not changed much since the time of the Buddha!

Medical Staff Administer Covid19 Vaccines Through Syringes ‘Disguised’ as ‘Ganesh’!

Modi made the point that even when Alexander the Great invaded India in the 4th century BCE, this type of Indian culture was viewed as obsolete and out of fashion! He continued by explaining that this is the state of India that the right-wing BJP inherited with its election wins and the reality it has to work with! Admittedly, sitting under a pissing cow is not as effective as taking two doses of the Covid19 vaccine – but what can we do? Lifelong habits involving the belief of fairy gods flying through the sky is a powerful image! If we dressed up the medical staff as Ganesh administering the injection through his trunk – the queues would be miles long!

BJP: ‘The Trunk of Ganesh Possesses the Power To Defeat Covid19!’

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