Sheep-Chasing Scandal Erupts After Lockdown Relaxed!

This Sheep Was ‘Unavailable’ For Comment…

Farmers are adamant that people walking their dogs ‘off-lead’ is a threat to their livelihood – particularly after a year of lockdown restrictions which have impacted commercial farming to devastating proportions! With farms closing, flocks being sold-off and more people turning to vegetarian diets – a ‘Farming Union’ spokesperson explained ‘It is a really difficult business to look-after and produce a flock of sheep. Farmers are outside in all weathers and during all times of the year caring for their sheep. Lambing is a particularly stressful time for sheep and farmers alike!’  

Modern Faming Considers this Environment ‘Healthy’ for Sheep…

When asked what the exact problem involves, he said ‘If a member of the public walks their dog through private or public land, they should keep that animal firmly on a lead and not allow it to chase-after sheep! The sheep do not like it and we are empowered by law to ‘shoot’ the offending dog to protect our flocks and there is not a Court in the land that would convict us!’ Why is it important that sheep are not ‘bothered’ (the ‘technical term’ for dogs chasing sheep in the UK)? ‘The important thing is that our sheep are brought-up in a healthy and care-free environment, and that pregnant sheep are not forced through stress to abort their lambs! This reduces the number of sheep in the flock and ultimately reduces our profit-margin – which is the whole-point of pursuing this profession. Research shows that a healthy sheep grows faster and bigger – and is far more content when we force them into a lorry to travel hundreds or thousands of miles – where they are ‘slaughtered’ often in the most brutal of manners!’  

Farmers Concerned About Modern Trend of ‘Disguising’ Puppies as ‘Sheep’!

Is this important? ‘Yes. Lay-people like yourself do not understand that a ‘happy-sheep’ is easier to handle, manipulate and ultimately ‘kill’ for profit with as little fuss as possible!’ What do you think about the killing process – isn’t this far worse than being chased for a few seconds by a domestic dog that has no idea how to ‘kill’ live prey? ‘Well, you see this is exactly where the misunderstanding occurs! As farmers we only care about the welfare of sheep just as long as such an attitude is directly linked to the monetary profit we receive when we ‘sell’ the sheep on. A healthy sheep attracts a greater price at market – and once it is out of our hands – we no longer care about its well-being as there is no longer a profit-margin to motivate our behaviour.’ Are you suggesting that once the sheep are no longer in your possession you do not ‘care’ whether a dog chases them? ‘Of course, why would farmers care about sheep they do not own? There’s no profit in sentiment! Furthermore, whether they are ‘slaughtered’ humanely with the minimum of pain, or brutality with the maximum of pain, is of no concern to farmers because from the point of sale, we have already made our money!’ Thank you for explaining the ‘mercenary’ nature of modern, industrialised farming! ‘You are very welcome!’ 

A Large Dog ‘Engages’ a Small Farmer About the Situation!

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