Book Review: The Evil Within By Trevor Marriott (26.4.2021)

I Accessed With Interesting Book Through Audible!

One of the best books by far dealing with the subject of mass killings committed by individuals or couples. Fun fact: The familiar term ‘Serial’ Killer was originally spelt ‘Cereal’ Killer and stems from charismatic murderers (in the 1920s) attracting the attention of the makers of ‘breakfast cereals’! It was noticed that these people attracted tremendous attention through press articles and the powers behind big business thought it a good idea to combine this exposure with advertising for a breakfast cereal! However, when news of this bizarre practice was tried in countries outside the US – the continuous ridicule led to the word ‘cereal’ being replaced with the word ‘serial’ as a means to camouflage the real history of the term and pretend nothing unusual was happening. It is perhaps with great irony, that the man behind this entire episode – billionaire and health freak Arthur Kellogg – was eventually killed by mass killer (and notorious paedophile) ‘Albert Fish’ who mistook Kellogg’s short stature (he suffered from Dwarfism) for that of a robust child! The author’s research is so good that he leaves no stone unturned and fully details this episode over three exciting chapters (8, 9 & 10)! A highly enjoyable read all round!

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