Right-Wing Elon Musk Announces Enbryo-Hybrid!

Elon Musk: ‘Chinese Are Cute…!’

Elon Musk has announced that his underground scientific research centre (tucked away in the Swiss Alps) is planning to make a dramatic research breakthrough which could have untold implications for society! In a recent interview with Spectator Magazine – Elon Musk explained that he has always been curious about the Chinese and why it is that seem to persistently mimic human behaviour to such a high degree! ‘If you watch the Chinese in their natural habitat, it is obvious that they think they are human – or something near to being human – and the prevailing scientific question is ‘why’? I want to use science to solve these five-hundred-year-old mysteries. Ever since the first European humans landed in China centuries ago, a mimicking mechanism seems to have been triggered – a mechanism that will not switch off – at least under its own steam!’ When asked what he planned to do, Elon Musk answered ‘My scientific colleagues and myself, want to be the first researchers in the world, to successfully produce a human-Chinese hybrid embryo! Just think of the things we could do by splicing a human-Chinese embryo together and what we could achieve if every future Chinese entity had a streak of humanity running right through its centre! Furthermore, they could be taught to use a proper language and we could use this as a communication device to ascertain a) whether there are any genuine thought processes occurring in their minds and b) if not – discern exactly how their copying mechanism works!’ Elon Musk explained that it is early days for this experiment as of yet, and that next year he will lead an expedition to the Yunnan area of China where he hopes to bag a few healthy specimens to set the ball rolling! We wish him good luck! 

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