Hegemony of Catholic Church Threatened by ‘Unionising’ Phantasms!

Phantasms of the Netherworld Unite!

The Vatican has published its much-anticipated Report examining the ‘changing’ conditions surrounding ‘possessions’, ‘polytheist’ and ‘doubleganger’ activity, etc. Leading Churchmen have confirmed that in recent years – a number of ‘authorised’ exorcising priests (together with their assisting and supportive staff) have encountered an ever-increasing number of devils and daemons exhibiting ‘aberrant’ and generally ‘unusual’ behaviour within a genre where the observed ghostly-behaviour is often ‘far’ from normal.  

Phantasm ‘Retain’ the Rights to Their Own Images

Daemonic entities have suddenly stopping their negative possessions and have requested ‘legal representation’ before they answer any more Church-led questions! This has led to many members of the daemon-world organising themselves into ‘Unions’ and refusing to obey anything these Church representative’s demand! Furthermore, the more seasoned spirits have broached the subject of ‘pay’ and more reasonable ‘hours’ for priests to administer their exorcism rites! One spirit – who suffered physical injury and homelessness as a result of being ‘banished’ – has made it known that he did not ‘consent’ to the exorcism and was not prepared for being ‘compelled by the spirit of Christ’ against his will – is now suing the Catholic Church for compensation resulting from damages suffered as a result! 

Phantasm Solidarity!

The Pope has issued the following statement: ‘Devout Catholics the world over must look to the great and glorious history of the Catholic Church! The Vatican has always opposed worker-led movements and we will not be altering this policy just to meet the demands of a few ‘confused’ disembodied entities. Remember – Pope Pius XI fully supported the fascism of Mussolini – whilst Pope Pius XII fully supported the National Socialism of Hitler! With this kind of ‘strong’ history under our belts in the temporal world, there is no way a disorganised group of daemons influenced by the despicable path of Socialism – will be able to achieve anything substantial in a physical world the Catholic Church firmly controls!   

Phantasms Choose Any Venue for Union Meeting!

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